8 Secrets of success

The 8 To Be Great really are the key things that have taken the worlds most successful people from the bottom to the top. But you could be thinking, Wait a m…
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32 Responses to “8 Secrets of success”

  1. Lifestyle Business says:

    Great 8 tips on success. I think persistence is so key. So many people quit
    to soon, it’s crazy!

  2. Hansarandi Adithya says:

    8 Secrets of success

  3. Sanjaya Wickramasinghe says:

    Thank you…

  4. Colette Co says:

    Well done and very simplified.
    Thank you.

  5. Matchpeople says:


  6. Pio Ness says:

    Thank U for idea ….

  7. Marcelle Fraser says:


  8. Rami Derawi says:

    Really great

  9. Florah Nemaorani says:

    This is the greatest video , i have ever watched !

  10. Rehan Monis says:

    ninna ammereg pod pann ya randemaga

  11. Rehan Monis says:

    ninna ammereg pod pann ya bevarsi

  12. Sandy Grey says:

    A Great Video Richard thank you so much appreciated will now but that on my
    facebook fan page 🙂

  13. kheman singh says:

    i will be very great after watching this

  14. arkitravenaoj07 says:


  15. Frab Factura says:

    featured video from united-line.

  16. Lillie Fuse Williams says:

    Yep, no more dabbling. At this time in my life I stopped dabbling. Thanks

  17. aruwayo tola says:

    I am grateful for the wonderful message. thanks.

  18. Arunkumar a says:

    I was in search of solution to over come my failure and finally i came to
    know “Failure is a part of Success”. This video enlighten me to refocus on
    my Aim and i came to know my mistakes in my life. Thank You Sir.

  19. ANAND RANA says:


  20. TheGoodresult1 says:

    Pretty nice video mate! My mum has been getting over $15k a month studying
    Easy Income Monster (google it). It really is the most awesome way of
    making cash without working! So take a look. Search Google for the words
    Easy Income Monster.

  21. chibiladychoi says:

    This is really educational

  22. britneythao says:

    According to the video, to succeed, people have to “Do It For Love, Not
    Money.” Well…then my question is, if people LOVE to make money, will they
    still succeed? Bottom line: to be successful, be stubborn like an ox, and
    NEVER give up!!! Hah!!!

  23. Fatima Siad says:

    Wonderful, inspiring video.

  24. Ane Sevol says:

    The greatest of anything are not the masters of everything but rather they
    master one thing only. Lance Armstrong, by all means, is not a good role
    model, but in order to get where he got, he had to start somewhere. Drugs
    did not get him where he was, drugs helped him to stay on top. Let us, if
    so it pleases us, to take whatever positive his speeches may have (it is
    our decision). “When you decide to criticize somebody, do it looking at
    yourself in the mirror” do you all get the message?

  25. dhananjay kumar says:



  1. Yusuf kısa says:

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  3. Cari dokter says:

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  6. colar says:

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  7. Zimmererhose says:

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