Adrian Peterson~How Bad Do You Want It~Secrets to Success

Adrian Peterson~How Bad Do You Want It~Secrets to Success. I do not own any of this material.


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31 Responses to “Adrian Peterson~How Bad Do You Want It~Secrets to Success”

  1. marcus butler says:

    Simply amazing video!!! I love A.P.!!!!!

  2. Maisee Xiong says:

    Whats the song?

  3. ChinChecka13 says:

    A P.. dude is amazing man.

  4. maligi marie says:

    thanks I learn something from you bro

  5. circlekidd1 says:

    love it

  6. InfantSuicide says:

    I don’t know who is talking in the background but that’s some inspirational
    shit. I like the story.

  7. kzemp1990 says:

    Cathy hughes, what the hell do you want him to do? Stay at home and relive
    it over and over in his head to the point he may do something stupid? You
    must not have had any one close to you die or else you would realize hes
    doing the onlything that probably makes him happy FOOTBALL is probably all
    he can do to release the pain!

  8. Cathy Hughes says:

    so when he has asthma attack he cant watch basketball tv or care about
    anything but a sun gets beat to death ( allegedly ) somebody blood died
    though and u care that much to play less than week later, beat to death no
    suicide no car accident, wake up world or the generation under us is fucked

  9. MC C-BILL says:

    Motivation to the fullest!!!!

  10. Jimmy Rizzo says:

    Rare breed. Great speech. Our prayers are with AP and his son.

  11. Bobby Gee says:

    Rip aps son

  12. colton houseman says:

    Rip ap sons may his soul reset in pease

  13. VINCENT PRIDE says:

    This guy is on to something. MAN FUCK SLEEP I WANNA BE TO BE SUCCESSFUL!!!

  14. isaac samaniego says:

    25 ppl didn’t want it bad

  15. Victor Green says:

    nah, I think AP is kryptonian

  16. mst618 says:

    The original had nothing to do with AP. Here’s the second part of the
    speech – /watch?v=uAg3nK6prsY

  17. JoolEAn92 says:

    This speech was better than the ones I heard at all my graduations.

  18. KnicksNYanks84 says:

    23 people are sleeping

  19. Michael Yeoman says:


  20. Austin D says:

    I guess you missed the point of the video.

  21. Luke Netti says:

    Absolutely amazing!

  22. christopher bowden says:

    dat inspired da shit out of me.

  23. speakinriddles says:


  24. Bill Smith says:

    Mah name Ajin Pedisin an I luv me some of dem HGH’S!!!

  25. Bruce Norris says:

    This is the greatest speech ever


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