Arnold Schwarzenegger Secrets to Success Part 1

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s secrets to success. Success Quotes…. “Whether you think you can or can’t, either way you’re right.” – Henry Ford Founder of Ford Mo…
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35 Responses to “Arnold Schwarzenegger Secrets to Success Part 1”

  1. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay Lol, okay doc. I think you’re getting “insulin” mixed up with
    “diuretic”. ALL pro bodybuilders use insulin. YOU’RE the one that looks
    pathetic.. and stupid, doc.

  2. SexualStrat says:

    @xxxangelxxxxx 1) “Arnold’s body was a pleasure to watch”. OUTED! 2) You’ve
    never seen Arnold without any steroids in his system, so don’t say
    “steroids or not” 3) He wouldn’t have been that much more muscular than you
    if it weren’t for drugs 4) Like I said, he wouldn’t have achieved a thing
    in bodybuilding if it weren’t for steroids 5) Don’t talk to me about
    steroids/bodybuilding when you don’t have a fucking clue 6) I’m about 10
    years older than you. Respect your elders + listen & learn

  3. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat actually my bad, it causes dehydration. how about you research
    how the human body works? insulin could only be used to dehydrate them on
    contest days or something to make them appear more ripped, but thats
    extremely unhealthy and i doubt anyone injects insulin for that purpose lol

  4. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat see my reply before you go off spouting your own shit, i
    apologise only to the people who watch this video and see your shit spammed
    all over the comments page, you’re just youtube troll

  5. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay I never said, “take steroids and anyone can be a major movie star
    and governor”.. I said (for the 112th time) Arnold would not have been a
    major movie star and governor of Cali if it weren’t for steroids. Notice
    the difference?

  6. SexualStrat says:

    @gunsnbam <-- doesn't even have the balls to write his shit directly to me. What a bitch! What part of my comments don't you agree with bitch? Actually don't bother telling me, coz I don't give a fuck what some delusional wimp has to say. What I wrote is 100% TRUE - that Arnold would be A NOBODY if he never used roids.

  7. claytonkillsyou says:

    @SexualStrat steroids help you founder a mail order company worth many
    millions, steroids help you channel this money into developing apartment
    buildings and investing in property trusts, steriods help you train 5 hours
    a day and eat cleaner than you can imagine, steroids help you study
    economics, steroids help you become the biggest action star of all time,
    steroids make you governor?….. wow you’re ignorant

  8. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat implying knowledge of said drugs wont mimimize bad effects or
    completely stop them, if people do research they can use pretty much any
    drugs and not be harmed by it…

  9. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay Inbox you? Why is that? Tired of getting humiliated in front of
    people? Or are you going to slowly try to hit on me in private?

  10. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat actually i was addressing what you were saying about side
    effects, demanding an apology? really? you must be a massive cunt in real
    life LOL always wanting to be right about everything…you steroids made
    arnie a good actor? you think steroids helped him learn about politics etc?
    you think steroids gave him determination? bitch please

  11. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay I’m getting tired of owning you into oblivion.. you think you can
    just apologize to me and call it a day? It’s not called courtesy.. it’s
    being a soft cock faggot trying/hoping to get someone to join the “fight”
    and get them on your side by calling me a troll and whatever else…

  12. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay You don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. Just abit of
    common sense. But your head is clearly so far up your idols ass, it’s hard
    for you to see the truth.

  13. SexualStrat says:

    Reminder: Arnold would be a nobody today if it weren’t for anabolic

  14. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat yes you are, and i originally replied to your retarded comment
    from another argument you started by being a troll on this video. also i
    cannot admit anything you cannot state anything because NO ONE will EVER
    know what MIGHT’VE happened, you cannot see into parallel universes, you
    cannot time travel you cannot state your opinion as fact

  15. SexualStrat says:

    @gunsnbam Is there some sort of point to anything that you write to me? WTF
    does your mothers bad knees and back have ANYTHING to do with ARNOLDS
    SECRETS TO SUCCESS WAS/IS DRUGS? Btw, 245lb FATcunts don’t intimidate me.
    You’re just a FAT blob of shit who I’d beat with both my hands tied behind
    my back, just dancing around you kicking, kneeing and headbutting you…
    while laughing. Don’t confuse your FAT with MUSCLE. That goes to ALL you
    delusional FATcunts out there. You all look like shit. HTH

  16. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay You’re the one trolling, son. You’re the one talking constant
    bullshit spreading it all over this page, while I’m cleaning it up saying

  17. SexualStrat says:

    @camm0704 Who’s hating here? All I said was Arnold would be a nobody today
    if it weren’t for steroids? Where do you see/hear/sense hate? I’m all for
    steroids myself and would be using them if I could get my hands on them.

  18. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat because i think realistically, the reason im repeating myself
    is cos you keep asking the same stupid ass questions. ok let me put it like
    this, how do you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, 100% that without roids
    arnold would be a nobody? where is your proof? oh you dont have any? then
    stop saying you speaking the truth cos you speaking an opinion, there is a
    big differenece and anyone with any intelligence would know that

  19. Innovater6 says:

    what a legend this guy is

  20. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat <----- another cunt probably molested as a child so he feels the need to validate himself by "owning" people over the internet like a real man obviously does

  21. camm0704 says:

    @twmmay insulin is the most anabolic substance you can put into your body

  22. detroitbluesguy says:

    See, do what you love..another success story!! Thanks Arnold

  23. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat take the time to READ my posts before you reply. fucking “what
    if” “would he have….if he didnt….” i cannot say, no one can, how about
    ,what if your mother and father never met huh?

  24. SexualStrat says:

    @twmmay Lol.. just as I predicted.. you’re a fag that wants to start
    talking about gay shit.

  25. twmmay says:

    @SexualStrat yes i do think he would be much bigger than you, because he
    spent his time in the gym not dedicating a youtube channel to flaming
    steroid users. Who are you? a nobody, you name wont live on after you die
    like arnolds will, the only legacy you’ll leave behind is some shitty
    youtube page about how much you hate other people for what they choose to
    do with their own body


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