As you build your self-esteem [Part 3] – Episode # 9

 How to Your Self Esteem [Part 3] Building - Episode # 9 self-esteem is an essential part of your personality that is related to a feeling of confidence that radiates from wi … Video Rating: 5/5


26 Responses to “As you build your self-esteem [Part 3] – Episode # 9”

  1. Jed Letley says:

    Like your videos my problem is i find it hard to go up to girls and ask
    them out any advice woupd be great 

  2. YourCharismaCoach says:

    Sorry about the delay: your problem is self identity and dualism. Look into
    eroding your ego.

  3. YourCharismaCoach says:

    After a delay of 6 months i’m back on track! Thanks for your support…more
    to come!

  4. Eric Cheung says:

    Thanks!!! My name is Eric and I m from Hong Kong. Your video is so
    inspiring and motivated me to take action! My problem is that when I am
    with my family m friends I m perfectly fine, but when I am alone I feel so
    insecure and become less confident. What do you think my problem is??

  5. 28335 says:

    I love these videos! An important point to remember when tackling new
    projects such as volunteering; make it a point to not beat yourself up if
    things don’t go as planned. I volunteered my time to help remove trash with
    a group, but could not find the meetup locale. It was a frustrating
    experience and (at the time) I was angry at myself for not planning ahead.
    It took a while for me to realize that my intentions were there and that
    was a good thing.

  6. MrCassanova08 says:

    You’re a really cool guy man!

  7. Mia Foster says:

    Haha, I wonder if this guy is that excited all the time xD

  8. emmon72cz3x says:

    Best video yet. Keep ’em coming!

  9. Rubbersoulful says:

    Auwgh yeah Marcus is back! Nice hat btw.

  10. Chris Lopar says:

    this Is awesome, love the South Park montage song

  11. YourCharismaCoach says:

    @28335 Excellent point! I actually turned up 45 mins late to the
    volunteering gig I filmed: for the same reason! And you’re right, making
    the effort to get there is the hardest thing to do and well worth a pat on
    the back for doing 🙂

  12. YassenGregorovich says:

    Lovin’ the RHUL SU T-shirt.

  13. jcrowcroft says:

    Fantastic dude! Love it!

  14. christopher renfroe says:

    Thanks mate, I will definitly try to be a more chrasmatic type of person.

  15. Wondon says:

    “Not being dead” Bfahahahahhahahah I actually laughed out loud

  16. Mac Donalds says:

    more videos marcus!!! 🙂

  17. evertonjf08 says:

    @YourCharismaCoach amazing videos

  18. Nikolai Hannevold Koritzinsky says:

    Hilarious background music xD


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