Build Confidence & Self Esteem without Drinking Alcohol – feat Oshawott

Build Confidence, yo – Can you get and build self confidence without drinking alcohol? Many use drinking as liquid courage, I wanted to provide a healthy alt…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


53 Responses to “Build Confidence & Self Esteem without Drinking Alcohol – feat Oshawott”

  1. SjL987 says:

    To not deal with who you really are?? What if you feel like It’s the only
    channel to get to who you really are..? :/

  2. grace rohner says:

    So is my mom Drinks so much 

  3. Zeyadu says:

    thanks chris!!!!! ur awesome! 🙂

  4. MissMinnieMo says:

    Great video!

  5. Chris Sanders says:

    haha but then how do you repeat them? They might be even better if you
    practiced them at home before going out lol just a thought

  6. Chris Sanders says:

    Wow. I’d like to see you do the stuff you do in your vids without the
    helmet, that’d be interesting. I also HATE the taste of alcohol, anytime
    someone said something tastes good they meant it didn’t suck as bad as
    other drinks but it’s still bad.

  7. Chris Sanders says:

    Yup.. because we pour money into the prision system as well.. It’s so
    stupid. I’m all for punishment but you make someone a felon for selling
    weed? I have crack addicts in my family, so I understand harder drugs,
    those really mess you up but from what I know it’s not the same thing with
    weed.. but again I’ve never actually done any drugs so I’m talking out of
    my butt.

  8. vincentarvin ando says:


  9. Chris Sanders says:

    Hmmm Thats true and that definitely runs in my family. Hmm I dunno if
    alcohol has a rut outside of the whole thing becoming mundane.

  10. CoDyizCoDy says:

    It’s just weird thinking back. When I was a kid I loved myself so much! I
    was fun to be around, made friends easy, was funny. It just started to fade
    with age and thanks to some not so great events in life.. But I do still
    like me, Just gotta get that old spirit back.

  11. roysmithers says:

    My friends father was told he would have 6 months to live unless he stopped
    drinking 16 years ago, he is still going and still drinking. He’s had
    falls, car crashes and many illnesses from it but it never ever sunk in.
    Alcohol is pretty horrible stuff if the person is unwilling to help
    themselves. I only use it if I want to dance, my moves are ten times better
    when I don’t remember doing them the next day.

  12. Chris Sanders says:

    I’m glad your father is getting help.. my mom wants to all the time. I
    don’t think she even see’s how much better she is when she’s not constantly

  13. Toye Wall says:

    too much floppong! he he he

  14. Andy says:

    LOL – 4:56 agreed. But I also agree with the video as a whole. Alcohol can
    definitely help, but you would never want it to be anything you depend upon
    to get the effect you want.

  15. TheKindGamer says:

    Oshawott! is cute i like him and Snivy as my starters from black and white

  16. MaliciousLynch says:

    wow, you have great subcribers! Very impressive video. subbed.

  17. perkele says:

    How to become a butterfly 😀

  18. MirandaBraatz1 says:

    “ah that’s too much floppin Augh” lol Awesome pick up lines, if only the
    other guys had that much game at the bar.

  19. Shaun Long says:

    cheers man, i will let you know how it goes cause im going out at the
    weekend and wanted to try and talk to new people

  20. Chris Sanders says:

    You nailed it. I admit I’ve drank before for sole purpose of not having to
    deal with anxiety. I have the confidence already but I still get shaken up
    by self doubt. I had to stop that because it started becoming a ritual.
    Deal with the problem and you’ll find the solution is already there.

  21. Tha YAX says:

    and i WILL have your channel shut down.. i can do this with 35 subs im
    pretty HUGE here on youtube! – Karl Holton

  22. CoDyizCoDy says:

    Hahaha well I feel the very same way you do about all this. I used to use
    alcohol for all the wrong reasons. Started off as a fun thing to do with
    friends but then it turned into a life style.. I have made SO MANY bad
    decisions due to it and became someone I never wanted to be. I’ve kicked
    the “controle” it had over me and now only drink when it’s a social outing
    with many friends. I’m learning to like me again 🙂

  23. LPGrodus says:

    well alcohol works as a mood amplifier and I would guess many people want
    that boost of happyness which won’t always show up. Alcohol is the drug
    which is easiest to access, it’s legal and it’s the one drug that does the
    most damage. The next one after that is heroin. I rarely drink myself,
    maybe just once or twice a year and some years I don’t even drink a drop of
    alcohol, I don’t see the point in consuming something just to get the fix.
    Seems like a waste to me.

  24. Chris Sanders says:

    I like that… “i’m learning to like me again” ..even now thats something I
    need to do.

  25. Chris Sanders says:

    😀 I do what I can haha.

  26. lolipopscandy62 says:

    This may sound kinda weird, (I don’t know if I completely agree with this
    myself lol) but a small part of me kinda feels like you shouldn’t always
    dress TOO nice or be all made up to go to the supermarket or whatever,
    because if everyone always looks good, I feel like that takes from other
    people’s self esteem (especially if you’re going some place modest/live
    some place modest) idk…

  27. Susie Moneymaker says:

    okay,this is allllrriiigghhhtt advice-it only inspired me to do a video
    from a girl who is REAL..(mexicana perpective)!! its good advice though 😉
    ..i have relevant video but for guys-check it out..(my channel)new video on
    this topic coming soon!trust me.

  28. WatchYaze says:

    lol ‘who doesn’t like that. Maybe people that want genuine connections
    instead of some fake connection that only contains exchanging information
    and feeling (and compliments). This girl needs to get out of this
    superficial mindset.

  29. WatchYaze says:

    lol exactly why I hate people giving me compliments: they do it because
    they want something from me, wether it’s my kindness, an object, an act,
    it’s always something. People don’t give compliments if they are content or
    because they think others need it. So whatever the reason it’s never
    something for me, the fewer compliments I get, the better I feel about
    myself. Then I know the people not giving me compliments are content and
    feel the same about me.

  30. Jaime Lila Donovan says:

    Wonderful video. I agree with you 100%. 

  31. avabara says:

    Loool I learned that the hard way: NEVER LEAVE THE HOUSE LOOKIN’ a HOT MESS

  32. Ullash podder says:

    it was great.. you beautifully boosted your own confidence and amazed

  33. missliketoeat says:

    u mean FIVE ways to boost confidence

  34. Vaspur Grigoryan says:

    Very very very True! Thanks for the great video. )

  35. John Veca says:

    Well, this woman is gorgeous but if I had to have dinner with her and
    listen to her speak for more than about 15 minutes I’d lose my fucking

  36. safae khattab says:

    I subscribed to your amazing channel , you are amazing 

  37. abdullah al-amir says:

    Thank you very much. That was so motivation and I do agree with all what
    you have said. actually there’s a book called The Secret by Rhonda Byrne,
    it talks about the fake it until you make it but in more openly way. Hope
    that would help anyone. And thank you again :)

  38. ART Ellipse says:

    very very good, best wishes and thanks

  39. seoe serene says:

    Thank you!!

  40. Nasir Uddin Shamim says:

    Lovely speech

  41. Maria Bonita says:

    you’re gorgeous. Love your hair so much! 

  42. S. C. Lee says:

    Great advice! Thanks :)

  43. Eli Ziskin says:

    This seems to all address the symptoms, rather than the psychological
    problem of being insecure.

  44. JeffersonDinedAlone says:

    Come on over. If I’m in the right mood, I’ll boost your self-confidence.

  45. Shook Roofing Co. says:

    you rearly see folks blessed with model looks have low self esteem, yes
    your all set im sure.

  46. Iyman Najlaa says:

    You look a bit like Demi Lovato

  47. adorable angel says:

    Thank you<3 this helped me a lot. Ur beautiful 🙂 

  48. Shubham Chakraborty says:

    whoa!!! you’re so beautiful O_O

  49. Ally McMuffin says:

    You’re beautiful. xx

  50. Sarah ak says:

    Thank you its a useful video.


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