Building Confidence & Self-Esteem in Young Girls / PSA Video

Young girls talk about body image and self esteem. Dove’s message: Things won’t change until we change them. The Dove Self-Esteem Fund. Whether it’s models t…

Building Confidence & Self-Esteem In Young Girls / PSA Video

Case Study Video #1 of 3 In video #1 you can listen in and watch as my client works to get clear about what she really wants to accomplish and to uncover the…
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33 Responses to “Building Confidence & Self-Esteem in Young Girls / PSA Video”

  1. ergegregreg gregregreg says:

    Life sucks in high school. Used to be fat and people treated me like I was
    less than a human. Then the next year I lost a lot of weight and got
    skinnier, and suddenly people treat me better and I see other kids getting
    bullied instead. It really sucks.

  2. missstefanlavignefan says:

    MegaNightwave I Know right I feel like that sometimes I don’t mean to or
    want to but it’s just there sometimes in the back of my mind. ­čÖü

  3. Neema Bajra says:

    Alright. I’m aggravated. My step-brother sleeps in the neighboring room.
    I’m displeased because he just turned really good with ladies. The guy
    discovered the Master Attraction web page by Jake Ayres (Google it). All
    he’s doing now is banging women. He’s continuously getting females back. I
    hear it, which is disgusting. I wish he never found that site. I’m green
    with envy!

  4. Schnizinger says:

    Why aren’t the any stories with boys in it. LOL I love how soap can be
    geared towards a gender.

  5. Sublime Music Channel says:

    @shcnoozlebop Thank you. I honestly believe that self-esteem that is earned
    as a result of things a person does, rather than inherited by virtue of
    something like physical beauty which we one day just wake up with, is the
    way to authentic feelings of self-worth that cannot be taken away from a
    person either by other people’s estimations of us or by time (i.e., aging).
    Won’t pretty girl’s trophy husbandl begin looking at other, younger girls
    eventually, anyway, if that’s all he married her for…

  6. thatqirlellie says:

    im 15 and i weight 98 pounds. and 6 monthes ago i was 120. im dealing with
    anorexcia and bulimia. guys just be happy with who you are. you cant change
    your mind later how you feel about yourself.

  7. Jas cat says:

    alot of these girls are gorgeous…

  8. SuperDygn says:

    i feel the same way when the girl was talking about how she looks i started
    crying when i saw this video

  9. Phantomlyne says:

    @WTFJustnoRELOADED if u rly feel this way about women, thats sad

  10. Diana Hayden says:

    @supremeoverlord135 Sometimes it could just be genetics or a poor diet. So
    make sure you eat healthy (lots of fruits and veggies) I love V-8 splash
    cause has all the vitamins and minerals needed and it doesnt taste like the
    original so has a fruity taste and good for you! Everyone is unique and
    special …everyone has their own talents and abilities so get into what
    you are interested in doing and surround yourself with good and supportive
    friends or seek a counselor at school also helps. <3

  11. Elisa Orange says:

    You really can’t care what others think, you just really can’t. More girls
    need REAL self-confidence in who they are on the inside so they can drown
    out those haters that seriously don’t matter at all.

  12. horsepheus says:

    @charlietobbler I have been there… I also was a chubby girl at your age
    and was bullied frequently on my elementary and highschool.. But I just
    started to not let it get to me anymore.Of course it’s impossible to shut
    yourself out completely, but the world will be a better place if you start
    living it for yourself… Believe me what you are going through now gives
    you personality and character that the more ‘beautiful’ people lack in all
    angles of their life. Be proud of yourself!

  13. royalsteven says:

    It is so sad today’s young girls even struggle with being ‘ugly’. Society
    (men, other girls and magazines/tv) put so much focus on being ‘perfect’
    that they get lost. Low self esteem, health issues, depression are all
    results. We need to put focus on our hearts and it’s deeds/actions not the
    superficial looks that fade away. You will never learn to love someone
    before you accept yourself the way you are. Oh and man might not always
    accept you but God does!

  14. MyxxOfficial09 says:

    I Feel like im just not the attractive and pretty type -___- the guys I
    Really like goes for the sexy and slim ones…… ­čÖü They just ignore

  15. Eliana Hall says:

    Did you know Marilyn Monroe was a size 14? Yet she was one of the sexiest
    women alive. Take that vogue.

  16. BombsWithQuietVoices says:

    I really understand.

  17. embracedandredeemed says:

    wow those uploader comments are not helpful geeeez… i used to be chunky &
    i did endless situps.. i was picked on too. your parents need to make sure
    you’re eating healthy. it’s their responsibility. now my weight just
    leveled out & i’ve been picked on for being skinny. don’t care what other
    people say. they only say things bc they have their own insecurities.. body
    image or anything else. they’re more focused on themselves, & they’re
    jerks. if they call you fat just say “yeah, so?” and repeat.

  18. DebraGanoTV says:

    Hi. Great video. This is something everyone should look out for. Teens need
    to boost self esteem to become more self reliant and self controlled

  19. Ashlyn Sherer says:

    since i really dont care if people know me or not, my name is ashlyn & im
    15 & i weigh about 130lbs. all through elementry school & jr.high i was
    always picked on. i was probably the most ugliest little kid ever. (not
    saying that im that pretty now.) i was never considered “fat” i was taller
    then everyone else who went to my school & i just had a lot of muscle
    considering i did a lot of sports. but to me, i always thought i was fat. i
    hated everything about me. i had really bad acne,

  20. DeadColorlessRose says:

    wy r all these girls stressin,I wish i could look like dat,seriusly people
    r horrible these days,seriusly im gonna start a blog for this or somethin
    cos these girls rnt too fat or too skinny,its just all those bitches sayin
    dat nd then get either anorexxic or overwieght,seriusly,THIS NEEDS TO STOP

  21. angrysheepknowsbest says:

    what’s that song playing in the background?

  22. Lisa A. Romano says:


  23. charlottepink54 says:

    I got called ‘out of preportion’ the other day, by this girl. Apparently i
    have long legs, im flat chested and very big. Im 13 and 5 foot 9, I have a
    32B bust, 34 inch inside leg. The flat chested and leg length isnt bad, i
    took it as a compliment, but the fact she called be fat+big behind my back
    upset me, Im only a UK size 10-12,but for my heigh thats average. I hvant
    been eating the last few days, I got so upset,but realised she was
    jealous-Im not changing for anyone.

  24. JohnnyMavers says:

    self-esteem. Women are more than breasts and a face and so if this holds
    true the two aforementioned things should not be bound together. One note
    on body and image though. No human being should be overweight in ideal or
    practice. It is unhealthy and physically costly. If that is main clinching
    element that is bringing down body image then it is for good reason. Being
    pressured into diet and exercise and mocked for refusing it is a positive
    thing which helps people who lack sense to be

  25. SeventhSun says:

    Whatever it is I hope you little things are safe and okay.

  26. carmendenisedurden says:

    Thank you <3

  27. Jim O'Shea says:

    what if you are uncertain about what you want most in life, or even what
    you want at all?

  28. Abdul Kader says:

    I like very much


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