Building Self-Esteem


mothers receive advice on how to increase their daughters self-esteem.


12 Responses to “Building Self-Esteem”

  1. heyphatgirl says:

    loved this video.. parents dont realize how important this really is.

  2. OpiumPawala says:

    eff that My baby girl isn’t pretty she’s beautiful and I will tell her that
    she is, and I will tell her why she is.

  3. KrayzeeBiatch says:

    now i see y i hav bad self esteem…

  4. CitizenKane380 says:

    Self-Esteem comes from accomplishments. Ran a 5k race with my 6 year old
    daughter this morning and when she finished she was the happiest little
    girl in the world. I was the proudest dad in the world and I told her so.

  5. NOVAISAAC50 says:

    great video.

  6. Lotskie369 says:


  7. hillarymary says:

    i like what she said to emphasize the process and not the outcome because
    that teaches them critical thinking skills

  8. CatSqrrlGrrl says:

    I threw up in my mouth a little.

  9. HowToBoostConfidence says:

    Sometimes, self esteem comes from self love and realizing self worth. And
    one can only realize his self worth if he accepts his flaws and make
    himself important to other people.

  10. Fabulous Fabian says:

    ABSOLUTELY… Self Esteem starts at home. Effective communication between
    child and parents plays are major role in all aspects of your kids lives. I
    provide a format for parents to do just that in my book “Go Whisper”
    increaseconfidenceinchildren dot c


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