Clarity, Purpose and Goal Setting By Anthony Robbins – Tony Robbins video on the importance of Clarity and Purpose. In terms of motivation there are very few videos on a level playing f…
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32 Responses to “Clarity, Purpose and Goal Setting By Anthony Robbins”

  1. Jonathan Thomas says:

    Write this on paper and keep it with you: I “your full name” have “your
    desire” now. The Reticular Activating System in your brain (like a GPS)
    will immediately go to work to make that statement happen, with your help
    of course, it’s amazing, try it! 

  2. RonDi Williams says:

    Day 6 – Setting Personal Goals

  3. stephenbarry14w says:

    allora you are a stupid bitch.

  4. Jungle Jimmy says:

    Allora – If everyone followed your philosophy, we’d ALL be nothing more
    than cockroaches! The law of attraction is REAL and it knows no race,
    religion or social status…it just IS! Humans are born with different
    challenges and may have a harder time getting to where they want to be than
    others, but these struggles “temper the soul” and make our achievements
    even more sweet!

  5. Robyn McKibbon says:

    #goalsetting #tonyrobbins #purpose #clarity #whatdoyouwant #bespecific 

  6. Scott UK says:

    I agree. Ask and you shall receive is one the most vaguest pieces of advice
    I’ve ever heard.

  7. Thomas Ryan says:

    Robbins has about 3 stories

  8. Roy Mulchand says:

    Thank you for posting this

  9. SpikezMetal says:

    “Bitch and you shall receive”

  10. satya narayana says:

    I have an iPhone & 4 best to-do apps which helped me, but it was creating
    stress too! I always had a list of not-to-do like “don’t fight with my
    husband” , “don’t eat pizza” etc, but it was going unnoticed. I knew that
    this was key to my happiness! I was looking for an iPhone app and found one
    called “DONT DO” by lokesh hanumappa. This app really served my purpose of
    managing my Don’t Dos in a very simple way! This developer has 50+ apps in
    iPhone market which are all very radical in thoughts

  11. ImaWeirdNigga says:

    Shallow Hal wants a gal

  12. iDalisMediaTV says:

    you would have gotten promoted if you were really listening.

  13. Sarah McKinley says:

    not black it out. Just focus on the good things positive things and march
    forward into them!

  14. 3bodsaad says:

    this guy’s great , i want to listen to him alot

  15. Allora Beth Sumner says:

    Wow, this is disgusting (the poor homeless man!) and over-simplistic. “Ask
    and you shall receive” is garbage and it doesn’t take much cognitive power
    to figure that out. What is not taken into account here are the breaking
    points, such as mental and physical disability, discrimination and the
    near-impenetrable barrier caused by growing up abused or homeless. It’s all
    well and good to say this as a white, able-bodied/minded, wealthy,
    cisgendered person. Not everyone has that immediate advantage.

  16. Angela Valadez says:

    Excellent information delivered here. Thanks for sharing. Extremely

  17. MrTopjimmy67 says:

    Block out the BS and focus on what you want . This guy is cool.

  18. TheWsteed says:

    The world will never know. Even if Tony Robbins was stripped of everything,
    he would have already reestablished himself as a superior human being and
    own a handful of beautiful properties with before that year was up. He just
    can’t help being so awesome. P.S. Alcoholism is an addiction for the weak

  19. Santos Rolon says:

    Typo megafocus2011 not 2012. Apologies

  20. Ellen Allard says:

    Brilliant. Thank you. I needed to hear this! RPM. Result. Clarity is power.
    Purpose. Why do you want to do what you want to do? Massive Action Plan.
    What will get you to follow through?

  21. Santos Rolon says:

    Check out simple plain mind altering videos at youtube channel
    megafocus2012, my way of giving back. Ive been able to change my life
    tremendously! Living the dream.

  22. Erin Parker says:

    You have to start making action, John David will help you, he changed my
    life through Proper Income Dot Com, check it.

  23. ImaWeirdNigga says:

    Suck my dick! 😉

  24. Ariues says:

    fuck you

  25. Dani Manning Foster says:

    I bought the entire set of your seminar videos which in the 1990’s cost a
    fortune. I got keyed up and I got excited and did exactly what I was to do
    and promptly was fired from a great career. Great benefits, great pension,
    great hours for my family. Glad this is working for you.


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