Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself

 Derek Sivers :. Keep your goals to yourself After pressing a brilliant new life plan, our first thought is to tell someone – but Derek Sivers says it’s better to keep goals Secretariat …


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33 Responses to “Derek Sivers: Keep your goals to yourself”

  1. Sue Cartwright says:

    Fantastic (short and sweet)@TED_TALKS by Derek @sivers on why you should
    NOT announce your goals.

    Founder of social psychology, Kurt Levin [1926] identified that it’s a
    social reality that if you’ve already felt the satisfaction of achieving a
    goal you are less likely to achieve it.

    If you tell someone about a goal you are trying to achieve and people
    congratulate you, it feels good and you are less likely to feel motivated
    to do the hard work that’s necessary.

    1) Resist the temptation of announcing your goals.
    2) Delay the gratification that social acknowledgement can bring.
    3) Understand that your mind mistakes the talking for the doing.

    #TEDTalk #goals #gratification #motivation #success #dereksivers 

  2. heyitsablackguy says:

    I certainly agree with this. If you tell people your goals, they’re going
    to talk you out of it, Including your mates. Just don’t share it. Hide it
    from them and keep it to yourself. No need to shout out to the world,
    because most people of the world are extremely cynical. They hate anyone
    who’s different or weird. 

  3. WatchThisReview says:

    While I certainly see merit to this (and am impressed that such valuable
    advice can be driven home in three minutes), I don’t find myself exactly
    sticking to my unsung goals either.

  4. Ericka Butler says:

    OOOOHHHHH…….this is powerful stuff

  5. Johny Boy says:


  6. Viktor Maximilian Distaturus Freiherr says:

    Absolute twisting of facts into a direction with so many unknowns that it

    —Just because you work a long time on your goal it doesn’t mean you work

    The quality of the work needs to be tested too….. boy what a political

    Even TED & not TEDx?…

    3827 likes & 75 dislikes by 24.12. 2013
    just 2% who get this? probably less?

    Seems like i have to tell: 419000 people what my goals are…

  7. Dee Snyder says:

    This is useful info, but rehash nonetheless.

  8. Christine Wong says:

    Exactly, well done! (:

  9. Canadian Fitness Educators says:

    Well that’s an interesting hypothesis but there are other hypothesis that
    that contradict this one so I think they’re still needs to be more studies

  10. Jodi Goff says:

    I can certainly see how verbalizing a goal could have this effect. It makes
    sense, but I find accountability in expressing my goals. If I tell somebody
    that I am going to do something, it motivates me to follow through with
    what I said I was going to do.

  11. Jorge Aguero says:

    Exactly, nobody is saying that someone who tells their goals are not going
    to achieve them, of course its possible, BUT it is much easier or more
    likely to achieve them if you keept them for yourself, it is only an advice

  12. amagicbeanbuyer says:

    I’m not arguing for or against the topic of discussion. I’m merely pointing
    out that the sources he cited were not very good sources because only one
    of the three sources involved any sort of experimentation, and the
    experiment used a very small sample size. Statistically, that is not enough
    evidence to draw a solid conclusion, but Sivers took to the TED stage and
    used fancy science words, so people assume that the sources he cited are
    valid. That’s an abuse of power, and you fell for it.

  13. DynamicSphinx says:

    Sivers never claimed to be an expert on success or act as an authority on
    the subject. That’s why he based his talk on a series of peer reviewed
    psychology studies that have been repeatedly tested by REAL researchers
    (which you are not). His own accomplishment is only an example. If he’s
    wrong then please refer us to studies that contradict Siver’s contention.
    Your entire argument is a straw-man. Sivers is discussing accomplishing
    one’s personal goals, NOT about becoming an expert of everything.

  14. IcedPhoenix666 says:

    Science or not, I watched this video about a month ago, and decided to
    follow his suggestion. It has worked more than I expected it to.

  15. amagicbeanbuyer says:

    Being accomplished and giving a TED talk does not excuse anybody from
    citing sources and conducting research with reasonable sample sizes.

  16. amagicbeanbuyer says:

    Just because somebody is accomplished in one area doesn’t mean he is an
    expert in all fields. Being a successful entrepreneur does not make him
    qualified to talk on psychology, any more than Albert Einstein would be
    qualified to talk on biology. Additionally, being accomplished and giving a
    TED talk does not excuse anybody from citing sources and conducting
    research with reasonable sample sizes.

  17. Vegard Ølstørn says:

    *Keep your goals to yourself*

    Via +All About Psychology 

  18. Amin Fauzan says:

    totally *AGREE!* Compliments to the idea will kill *realization* of the
    idea itself

  19. creativeLIVE says:

    Stop talking about your dreams and start building them. Did you know that
    our minds mistake talking and doing…? +Craig Swanson writes about this
    perhaps counterintuitive goal setting method on the +creativeLIVE blog: goal setting for 2012 to all of you!

  20. Brad Acker says:

    *Keep Your Goals to Yourself — if you want to reach them*
    I’m very interested to know your thoughts and/or experiences about this
    topic. My first reaction is that such advice is ridiculous, because you
    need others to assist you in reaching your goal — and how can they assist
    you if they do not know your goals.

    Derek Sivers (in this years-old TEDTalk) says “repeated psychology tests
    have proven that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen.”
    Psychologists have found that you feel better after telling friends about
    your goal and that feeling of slightly increased satisfaction prevents you
    from achieving your goal.

  21. Coyote Prophet says:

    Better Put:

    Matthew 7:6
    “Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast your pearls before
    swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and tear

    All that’s old is ‘NEW’ again.

  22. Paul Asoyan says:

    I agree with this wholeheartedly. #tedtalks 

  23. MJ Bush says:

    This applies to any goal, but given its psychological root, I thought it
    would be appropriate (as well as helpful) for the group.

  24. Al Elliott says:

    Don’t speak about it be about it!

  25. Benjamin Liebald says:

    Interesting video by Derek Sivers on keeping your goals to yourself.


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