Emotional Abuse – How to build self-esteem

In this Video I cover the aspect that is SO important for Victims of Emotional Abuse to acknowledge about themselves in building their self-esteem and HOW to…

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58 Responses to “Emotional Abuse – How to build self-esteem”

  1. Will Perry says:

    The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne (thesecret.tv)

  2. Will Perry says:

    If you look at my video ‘how I help’ I think I describe it a little in that
    one… Basically, you control everything about that negative, loud
    aggressive voice. If you were the sound mixer for it, how would you change
    it for the better? Mute it?! Make it further away (and things seem quieter
    then)? Visualise it and then explode it so it’s gone?! Make it into a silly
    voice (Donald Duck!)? I can do it with you on Skype –
    will.perry@changingpost.co.uk x

  3. karmaliquorice says:

    thank you – do u do online counselling?

  4. Will Perry says:

    Hi Hun, Sorry to take so long to get back to you! It’s a very good
    question…I did see a post by you on fb and thought ‘eeek you’re not
    ready!’…which you later confirmed ;-/ So tricky isn’t it 🙁 I think it’s
    when you truly see the patterns that made YOU a victim (who attracted
    abusers) and you’ve been able to grow your self-esteem away from that
    mentality…and you know and hear in your language the change… And then
    it’s a constant battle of awareness! I do :-/ xx

  5. Npangea says:

    What’s the name of that book?

  6. Will Perry says:

    I know! Haha…thank you!

  7. pancrasia chavez says:

    Will Perry, I am sexually attracted to you. I’m 19 and your like 87. Why is

  8. movadoband says:

    you are a handsome chap, it makes watching the videos more enjoyable 🙂

  9. Will Perry says:

    Ah…well in that case it’s all good! Thank you…I used to think I was
    ugly…for so many years! :-/ It’s all so needless…yet we’re all experts
    here…we can help SO MANY others…yet we have to help ourselves
    first…yet isn’t that just brilliant! 😛 x

  10. Will Perry says:

    Hi Kurt, I’m writing a book at the moment…but if I could do what you’re
    wanting, in a 5min video…I’d be a very rich man now! 😉 In the Skype
    sessions I tailor the techniques I know, to your specific challenges…and
    help you build self-esteem in that way. Do check out my other videos too
    🙂 Many thanks Will

  11. TheHouseOffice says:

    You’re such a tool, Perry.

  12. Will Perry says:

    So good to notice that voice. MOVE IT! Literally…notice where it is (we
    project things in time and space)…and then move it to where you’d rather
    have it! Happy to help you with this – will.perry@changingpost.co.uk x

  13. karmaliquorice says:

    is that your email?

  14. karmaliquorice says:

    i have noticed that my negative voice is really loud and aggressive – comes
    out of nowhere and its like “u stupid fucking bitch” – it really like its
    someone else – any help?

  15. Mahima Rao says:


  16. Will Perry says:

    Had to look that one up! Thank you 🙂 x

  17. Will Perry says:

    Great, thank you!

  18. pinkpopcornx says:

    I’ve listened to Anthony Robbins CDs for a long time, taken college courses
    on counseling, read books … I’m still the same — awkward anxiety angry
    …. I know my past well. but yet nothing triggers a positive growth

  19. karmaliquorice says:

    and its very rare i should add

  20. Will Perry says:

    Don’t you start…lest I get excited and drop my zimmer-frame! (walking
    aid) Thank you for your feedback, glad the videos help. x

  21. pinkypinkmouse says:

    Hi Will I was wondering how do you know when you are ready to really take
    that step into the dating scene? I dont know if I’m ready or I’m just soo
    scared about the abuse happening again.

  22. Will Perry says:

    Well…there’s a challenge! OK…be specific…tell me on e-mail
    (will.perry@changingpost.co.uk) what one change would make a difference and
    convince you that you CAN change…and (if you can afford just £40 for an
    hours Skype Session), we’ll tackle that! Self-development on top of low
    self-esteem is a double-bind…yet it can be done! I can help…if you want
    me to… Wishing you well x

  23. Will Perry says:

    Haha! Thank you young lady…my partner…who must be like 56 odd in your
    years 😉 says it’s ‘cos I’m very handsome! 😉 Tehe! xx

  24. Will Perry says:

    Hi, yes, on-line Skype coaching sessions…do e-mail me to find out more

  25. Will Perry says:

    You still make me giggle with this one!!! I mean…87…oh man!? Haha! xx

  26. Aliandra Pittman says:

    Can I listen to one hypnosis MP3 after another one? Like if I have a
    playlist of a number of different MP3s for hypnosis and they play one after
    the other, is this okay?

  27. Isabella Stokes says:

    idk if i should trust these hypnosis things they make my brain go weird

  28. Matjaž Plestenjak says:

    Wow cool well spent time

  29. caitlin konsela says:

    it actually worked

  30. Hannah Moonstone says:

    wow i feel so much better… I feel like nothing can stop me!

  31. Jo Rainbow says:

    The first time I watched this I ended up falling asleep. And I woke up with
    my friend on me.

  32. Alienopoly says:

    I gotta say SLOW DOWN!
    I go not want to think thaf fast when trying to relax.

  33. Tmrwisnext says:

    video taking A LOT to buffer so i thought id say HI XD

  34. Jo Rainbow says:

    Well Listened

  35. Shane Potter says:

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    best one is the sizetrack. I have gained 1.5 inches in length and 1.25
    inches in girth. google sizetrac

  36. Justin Barylski says:

    That was the most amazing feeling I’ve ever felt! Thank you!

  37. laurentiu137 says:

    this is horible , I did not feel anything and when he told me to wake up I
    felt horile , like I slept in an unconfortable position , THUMBS DOWN

  38. baxeman says:

    hahaha!! you know a lot people say that, is it really that common on

  39. elouaililili says:

    little bit too rushed leading of meditation..:/ I have to find some voice
    that speaks slower..

  40. SheStillRuns says:

    Omg..this felt so spooky that I paused it at 1:15 and wrote this! Relaxing?

  41. Bang Arang says:

    thank you for the tips

  42. Admir Dakaj says:

    This is great.. Thank you so much for helping people this way.. I for one
    am now more relaxed then i can recall ever to have ben, just by listening.

  43. zenbelladaya says:

    you went to Australia? XD

  44. kaleigh podgorski says:

    This actually REALLY made me feel like all of this stuff was happening,
    that there is only love and peace, and this voice is so soothing (one
    direction could probably beat it, but really, nobody can beat one direction)

  45. NemesisRaze says:

    When he started talking about the forest at night I started to imagine
    slenderman D:

  46. JesusEs97 says:

    @JesusEs97 right back at you *

  47. luqmaanJ says:

    Absolutely awesome!

  48. PheonixFlame57 says:

    This is amazing but I’m not sure i was in deep hypnosis or not. In fact, I
    felt as if someone was shaking my feet like a rowboat and I was spinning in
    circles. Anyway it felt pretty darn good. 😀

  49. robrutyzm says:

    good. works wonders. gracie

  50. Chloe Collins says:

    wow it went so quick i just closed my eyes and it was finished x


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