Free Self Hypnosis Session – Create the life you desire! Reduce Stress And Just Chill For A Bit. Here is a free hypnosis session. It’s an excerpt from my Personal Power Hypnosis CD teaching you the fundamentals…
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29 Responses to “Free Self Hypnosis Session – Create the life you desire! Reduce Stress And Just Chill For A Bit.”

  1. Eoin Godfrey says:

    So I change anything I want? Appearence, gender etc?

  2. Purna Shrestha says:

    Copy and paste into Google Morsch Muscle Madness to discover the thousands
    of people who got ripped who never thought they could.

  3. antony m says:

    awesome thanks!

  4. Don Barnhart says:


  5. Don Barnhart says:

    Thanks so much!

  6. Don Barnhart says:

    Email me at my website with the date of the show and I’ll send you a new

  7. Don Barnhart says:

    I do, thanks.

  8. Don Barnhart says:

    That’s why I put it up for free to give you a chance to see if it works for
    yourself. Let me know how it goes.

  9. Don Barnhart says:

    My pleasure

  10. keith lyle says:

    Stressed out? Need to recharge you mind or body? Here is a free hypnosis
    session from +Don Barnhart to help you relax and take charge of your life.
    Hope you enjoy!

  11. killemalluk says:

    Your the best man do you ship to the uk ?

  12. cliftonite187 says:

    one of the best hypnosis videos on youtube.most people run right thru the
    muscle relaxing when thats the best part.i was really under alot of stress
    when i heard this for the first time and it helped alot.:D

  13. Don Barnhart says:

    It truly does. That’s why I even have a 100% money back guarantee when
    people buy the full CD or any other of my self improvement hypnosis CDs.
    Check out my website link for more info.

  14. shashikala vck says:

    It would be a shame for you not to shed pounds when these normal people
    lose weight easily using “Fat Blast Formula” (check it out on Google).

  15. arash salehpoir says:

    will this work with confience, over thinking, women, or anything i want?

  16. CLICKMENAME says:

    Hey Don, I really love your sessions, and I really enjoyed your comedy at
    the Canyon County Fair in Idaho. I ordered a copy of my performance, but
    got the wrong one. I think it is possible my friend and I could have gotten
    each others copy, since we ordered them at the same time. I hope it would
    not be too much trouble to see if you still have that copy of that
    performance available. Thank you in advanced. P.S., I feel great after this

  17. JoeyToviownfollower7 says:

    Very Interesting Of Hypnotism , Works Well,

  18. Don Barnhart says:

    yes, it will arash.

  19. ObviouslyHim says:

    does this work?

  20. Don Barnhart says:

    Thank you for the comment.

  21. Aenemus says:

    Really ? this works? To spend money with this guy? I’m going to give a

  22. Don Barnhart says:

    Dabedreaon,thank you for your comment. You can use this technique to keep
    you grounded when going for the astral. I do! All the best and please keep
    me posted. don

  23. Don Barnhart says:

    Thanks so much!

  24. Heather Puleo says:

    This is awesome, if you need a little time to re group mentally this is it!
    before bed time might be perfect for an amazing night of sleep.

  25. Don Barnhart says:

    My pleasure!


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