Goal Setting: Creates The Finish Line

Goal Setting is more than setting specific, measurable and time targeted objectives. Each of our ReadySetPresent video products has a series of quotations se…

GSP’s Road to the Title Fight, Episode 1.
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41 Responses to “Goal Setting: Creates The Finish Line”

  1. Debarati Banerjee says:

    wow… inspiring!

  2. epatrickh says:


  3. thriveni saidam says:

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    To Overcome this problem, I started Keeping one only Goal at a time, so
    that I can finish it. I have an iPhone and i thought if there is any app
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    really cool app which makes sure you can set/track/achieve only one goal at
    a time. Hope it helps you guys too.

  4. Tarekmng says:

    this video is great

  5. xhamarade says:

    hi, how can i upload this video? i just wanted to include this to my
    presentation in school 🙂

  6. siraa22g says:

    good music

  7. Mike Griffin says:

    Incredible video. Thanks for sharing…

  8. dayviet says:

    hi jmss

  9. thesimplisticseth says:

    I love this, thank god I found this video through my current homework
    assignment 🙂

  10. Ohio Christian University says:
  11. KlxGreenhornet says:

    I heard he only drinks rain water and the blood of his enemys.

  12. af1rs2jl says:

    I am the most complete fighter in the world

  13. Chev Chhelios says:


  14. Grufullsen says:

    I’de like to see Wideman vs Lombard… Lombard’s last fight he had the
    jitters it seemd.. not that I want to take away anything from botch

  15. Hamish Kavanagh says:

    I bet he has never had a sip of that Nos shit in his life

  16. Ian Paolo Acosta says:

    episode 1? really? more like an ad.

  17. mmametaldude531 says:

    yeah man. i know what you mean you got those dipshits who think they can
    fight and know mma becuase they wear a tapout shirt.

  18. davistran510 says:

    Oh agreed! Can;t believe I forgot about Cung Le. San Shou would definitely
    make GSP’s kickboxing to wrestling transition much smoother. I don’t know
    why people don;t train San Shou more as oppose to kickboxing than wrestling
    individually. San Shou is like a bridge for striking and wrestling
    takedowns. would be sick to see them train together.

  19. davistran510 says:

    the moment he think like that, he’ll stop evolving and some younger guy
    will catch up to him. GSP said himself he must constantly re-invent himself
    to keep his opponent lacking behind him. He’s already taken up gymnastic
    since the shield fight and his balance is unreal. I think TKD would be
    great for GSP if he can incorporate what works for him. The spinning back
    kick seem to be going well for him who know what else he’ll learn

  20. babykkkyle says:

    Yeah, not to start shit or anything, but GSP has fought like a bitch his
    last 5-6 fights. He either hides behind his jab or his takedown and drags
    it to decision. That’s what I’m afraid of for this fight Gsp will just
    takedown win Condit. I think GSP has all the talent in the world but his
    last 4 years of fights have been awful. How in gods name did he not knock
    out koschek? How can you break someones orbital bone in the first 2 minutes
    so they can’t see and let them hang for 4 1/2 more rounds?

  21. 1millionBETTERmoms says:

    looking forward to seeing my boy back at work!

  22. Chasebjj says:

    Okay watch the language buddy, just because your to stupid to talk like a
    human doesnt mean i want to hear it. ive been watching this for over 8
    years jiu jitsu. i actually am not some tool who walks around in tapout
    shirts acting like like most of the main stream douche bag fans. Back to
    the discussion…GSP does walk around at 198lbs but Anderson walks around
    at +215lbs(220lbs i think he said himself). if they met at a catch weight
    fight itd be around 175-180lbs about?

  23. MrAdidas1980 says:

    Sounds to me you are the one crying, snif snif. Silva only fights big slow
    1 dimensional fighters @ LHW, who have ZERO wrestling or smaller MW’s. He’s
    got a couple MW’s to fight, but makes excuses not to fight them. U want GSP
    to move up & fight a much bigger LHW, when he’s a small WW? Y dont GSP get
    to fight bums @ MW like Silva has @ LHW?!? Ughh ohh uhh humm… you fucking
    loser! STFU noob!

  24. srqballer1 says:

    i have to disagree on the winner. I think Condit will push the pace and be
    smart enough to get out of the way of the combos GSP has.

  25. citi24 says:

    listen bitch most of them took him to nearlt 5 rounds. silva would finish
    them in 1st tko

  26. citi24 says:

    lol if u wanna be best stop fighting in a division u have already cleared
    go fight anderson, even tho ur in ur prime hes nearly 40. should gave
    fought him 2yrs ago. so stop crying go fight

  27. yajosist93 says:

    fucking animal! tko 5th round ..

  28. Khaizer Rism says:

    yeah he needs more Kicks in his technique

  29. MrAdidas1980 says:

    Yeah your are an idiot! GSP has fought WORLD CLASS fighters, Silva has NOT!
    How many fighters has Silva fought, that were unbeaten for 5.6. or 7 yrs?
    NONE. GSP fought 3 or 4 guys who were undefeated for as many as 7 yrs &
    made them look average at best. GTSP has fought & OWNED 4 guys who were on
    the top 10 P4P list, how many has Silva fought and beat? ZERO! Silva fights
    1 dimensional LHW bums, yet he’s the best in the world?!? How so? By
    beating up Cans?!? Citi: You sir are a f-ing moron

  30. hereisthankappan says:

    The only question is: have you ?

  31. Jose Luis Cabanillas says:

    que no has visto que tiene muy buena tecnica en sus patadas?, solo tiene
    que hacer unos simples ajustes en su tecnica

  32. vincent deglin says:

    My model!

  33. Chasebjj says:

    fighting anderson is not logical at all due to the weight difference

  34. MrAdidas1980 says:

    BAHAHAHA you are THE BIGGEST LOSER on youtube, why does GSP need to fight
    Anderson? when Anderson fights 1 dimensional BUMS @ LHW?!? 37 yrs old, what
    does age have to do with fighting?!? Thats how stupid & uneducated you are.
    What a moron, ever hear of Randy Couture douche sac? Some stupid, also GSP
    has not fought Condit, Kampmann, Hendricks, Diaz. Just b/c Silva’s too
    scared to fight a big MW with sick wrestling & KO power named Weidman,
    doesnt mean GSP hasnt got many fights @ WW. IDIOT!

  35. Tolbka Miskin says:

    That so ugly when sportsman advertise some poisonic shit.


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