Goal Setting Miracles!

http://www.goalsensei.com/teleseminar Description: Important news for folks who swears goal setting doesnt work for them * The new rules of achieving goals F…


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31 Responses to “Goal Setting Miracles!”

  1. Lily Seo says:

    Goal Setting Miracles!
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  2. Motel168 TV says:

    What you think you become!

    #goalsetting #inspiringvideos #motel168tv #moteltv #miracles 

  3. Gail Rush says:

    It goes a little too fast to read everything. Maybe fewer words per slide
    or slow down the longer worded slides about about 2 seconds so we can read
    it all. The speed does make it seem more exciting, but it can be a bit

  4. Marc Vince says:

    I am not saying dont shoot for your goals.But as Spike Lee once
    said…”Most people no matter what they claim, have no idea the kind of
    commitment it takes to really make it.” I personally destroyed my back over
    25 years of slowly striving towards my goal. Now Im on pain killers the
    rest of my life. Sometimes success is knowing what you cant succeed at. Im
    playing devils advocate here,ok?

  5. Marc Vince says:

    What happens when you get all pumped up on monday, and because you woke up
    dead tired on tuesday, you cant motivate yourself to turn a screw, let
    alone reach for your dreams? Then what? As Vince Lombardi truthfully said
    “Fatigue makes cowards out of all of us.”

  6. resh217 says:

    be positive

  7. LivingSuccess247 says:

    With the New Year creeping up on us faster than most of us would like, I
    cant think of a better way to start off the new year than achieving all of
    my goals. Join the New Years Resolutions Extreme Makeover Telesummit today
    by clicking on my name above in blue (LivingSuccess247)

  8. trustingicyangel says:

    @esschupido then try to keep up >]

  9. Harry Che says:

    May I also suggest a goal setting system called GoalsOnTrack. It’s a
    web-based goal tracking and time management tool, with a very nice web 2.0
    interface, and has many nice features to help you keep track of goals, and
    most importantly it lets you better organize daily todos towards achieving
    goals. Highly recommend it for serious goal achievers.

  10. VideoTB says:

    Excellent video, fabulous message… too bad the slices go too fast!!!

  11. alltradeschools says:

    It is amazing how simple, relatively speaking, one can reach their goals.
    So much of it comes down to just taking action. Take the first step, then
    the next step, and keep going. Just take action to get started, don’t put
    it off. Thanks for the video it is great to see how all those people went
    from who they started out as to who they became. Yes and I agree with the
    commenter below – focus is also key. Taking Action + Focus = FTW

  12. Nicola Kibble says:

    Love the energy here Thanks for sharing, all positive stuff Nicola

  13. Discretionfull says:

    My advice is to stop searcing for (very creative) excuses and use that time
    to win!

  14. Şeyma Özdemir says:

    guys i think i found the next video, here it is :

  15. kittygobark1 says:

    LETS GET PUMPED UP about personal goals and fufilling them! FUCK YEAH!

  16. soham1809 says:

    Not inspiring. Poor presentation and speech!

  17. Fabienne Oberli says:

    That’s definitely too fast for someone whos native language is not english.
    Why the hurry?

  18. ieguy3 says:

    Nice video, but it says look for the next video to explain. You have some
    80 or so videos posted, which one is the one you say to watch next? There’s
    no link from here except for the teleseminar, which I can only presume is a
    paid one.

  19. worklifebalancecoach says:

    There is a free 21 minute goal setting video that takes you thru some
    cutting edge material. Most people won’t know these ideas yet and you can
    get it by clicking to my channel below (worklifebalancecoach) – let me know
    what you think- and its all free!

  20. theonlysaltspring says:

    holy bad music assault.

  21. Claudia2288 says:

    you didn’t reveal how to restore that CONNECTION.

  22. FiVibe says:

    Thats right, not just goals but focus is needed to ensure you keep the
    right mind set and do not stray from the path. That’s why I created FiVibe
    wealth creation software to set goals but also do the other things that
    will retain your focus, so I totally agree. I actually really like this
    video, very professional!

  23. bluebrightnessall says:

    Fantastic, Impressively communicated!

  24. jeffrsnoo7 says:

    What video software you use for this presentation?

  25. Marc Vince says:

    Michael Jordan failed so badly as a baseball player he backed out of it
    quicker than an overloaded bathroom stall. Anita Roddick got lucky and had
    her lawyer advise her to make her ideas into a business. Donald Trump had a
    father who taught him what you cant get in 5 MBA course. Also what
    determines success is greatly dependent on what your “natural” talents are
    compared to your interests and opportunities. Some of us have lots of drive
    but society isnt ready for us yet. Think Bill Gates in 1904


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