Google Analytics Tutorial – Setting Goals

An overview of how to use Google Analytics to set goals and analyze your website’s success. The objective feature of the analysis is very important to measure c … Video Rating: 4/5

CLICK HERE NOW FOR MORE Network Marketing! I have my # 1 goal setting tip for you here. This is part 2 … Video Rating: 5/5


34 Responses to “Google Analytics Tutorial – Setting Goals”

  1. Local Search Masters | SEO Company says:

    Have a website? Set up goals in Google Analytics to track conversions and
    see which parts of your site are working for you (and which aren’t).

  2. rrk says:

    Thank you for sharing! I found it was very helpful that you went through
    different goal possibilities, it helped me better define my own goals.

  3. Saurabh Kelkar says:

    Thanks..and as Jason Said, i am too trying to use GA as a lead gen
    tool..this helps

  4. AllohaHD says:

    I think your totally right ! It’s great to have such a Strategic view on
    goals before going deeper in it. Objectives are key. You did a great job,
    thx for the tutorial ! 🙂

  5. Bue T. Anderbeest says:

    Some people are so rude and seem to think that videos should be tailored to
    them and if they are not then they are somehow flawed. This wasn’t exactly
    what i was looking for, but just teach what you want to teach.

  6. Jason Starek says:

    Super helpful, most helpful I’ve seen so far. Most posters always assume
    that the viewer is in e-commerce. But I use GA as a lead gen tool, so I’m
    glad you didn’t leave out the info that was relevant to me.

  7. Bue T. Anderbeest says:

    Actually, this video is proving more useful than i initially thought!!

  8. sadique khan says:

    thnx for sharing, really helpfull

  9. Marko Karja says:

    thanx alot!

  10. Local Search Masters | SEO Company says:

    I find that most people keep a pretty narrow minded view of what the goal
    of their website is, so I wanted to go through a few possibilities and
    demonstrate that there can be plenty of conversion points that aren’t as
    obvious. I hope you made it to the juicy part and found it helpful!

  11. Kimball Le says:


  12. Surya Fertility says:

    Nice more helpful information

  13. Kevin Kailath says:

    Very helpful. Thank you

  14. HomleandSecurity says:

    GET TO THE POINT!!!!! 90 seconds in and there’s no tutorial. I’m here
    because I already know EXACTLY what I want to track, just show us how to do

  15. mark35098 says:

    google sucks, use Start Page, these guys at google are criminals, spys,
    google fuck off! thats right use google SHEEP!

  16. Local Search Masters | SEO Company says:
  17. Dave Shirley says:

    Good Job On the Video Sherry… The closer your goals are to you the
    better…. Hey why not have little notes of goals posted everywhere…

  18. Andrew Twelftree says:

    Great tips there Sherry. I’ll revise my goal setting strategies.

  19. Sherry Leitner says:

    Thanks Dean – Part 3 is ready to be uploaded – watch for it! 🙂

  20. Sherry Leitner says:

    Hey – happy to help Dennis! 🙂 Watch for Part 3 – wraps it all up and a
    free ebook to boot!

  21. Steven MacDonald says:

    Great tips!! Keep it coming Sherry!

  22. Sassy Natty says:

    I am updating my vision board. Love the mirror!

  23. Ben Alford says:

    That is a cool idea!

  24. Dean Crippen says:

    Awesome stuff!!!

  25. Duke Romkey says:

    I like the touch of a mirror on the vision board! Great job Sherry!

  26. Dennis Luna says:

    I like it! What a great idea for someone like me who has a hard time

  27. Sherry Leitner says:

    Thanks Ben! Yes, a cool idea that will make you LOTS of money! 🙂

  28. Sherry Leitner says:

    Hey thanks! Figured I could “see” myself – putting myself directly into my
    goals. Glad you liked it 🙂


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