How to Be Happier and Have a Positive Attitude

In this video I tell you my secret on how to be happier and have a positive attitude by using a simple journaling technique. To learn more, check out http://…
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27 Responses to “How to Be Happier and Have a Positive Attitude”

  1. Melissa Iannazzo says:

    Hey Alex. I have been following you for about 2 years now, as well as
    Luxyhair, Mimi & Leyla. I have purchased the luxyhair extensions and I love
    them, and I just purchased the 5 minute journal. I always find myself
    supporting all 3 of you and I am so excited to start this journal. I hope
    one day very soon, i will become a better version of myself, and have the
    qualities you have gained and worked so hard for. Thank you for all your

  2. dramaticphan says:

    This is great. I am at a kind of stagnant point in my life. I just
    finished school and have a job i dont really care for. This will help me
    get through it and motivate me to do better.

  3. Brechtje van Klaveren says:

    Wauw, this is a very helpfull video! I starting today 🙂 tank you. 

  4. yash khelkar says:

    thank it was very help full !!! u made my day !!!(its actully 11:40 PM JUST

  5. אביגיל א says:

    I started this journal 4 months ago and I feel that my life and my mind
    have chanched a lot! thank you Alex :)

  6. Rupinder Nahal says:

    your so inspiring. I just wish I wasn’t so negative :((

  7. platinumbebe says:

    you seem like such a down to earth and warm hearted person. I’m so glad i
    found your channel.

  8. anna bains says:

    I love your channel

  9. TheFjb7 says:

    what are ur qualifications alex?

  10. bubz says:

    Alex,do you know where to study in Toronto that gives you a positive and
    inspirational place to create, innovate, write or just study?

  11. Priscilla How says:

    Thanks for your great inspirational video!

  12. rusalka241 says:


  13. jennifer aque says:

    Mimi’s husband???

  14. Cai Cat says:

    You’re such a motivating person you have helped me a lot, Alex!

  15. Mika Mi says:

    Thank you, Alex! Both for the videos and for the journal. Plz, answer my
    question – if I fall asleep before filling in the journal, shoul I fill it
    the next morning for the previous evening too?

  16. roseyy9901 says:

    Thanks alex 🙂 Great advise ! I will give it a try and i hope to become
    more positive, calm and peaceful .. thanks again you are truly amazing. I
    subscribed 😉

  17. Shannon B says:

    Such a great message! xo Keep making these great videos!
    youtube/com/user/crazyinluv2 ♥ Shannon B

  18. Alex Ikonn says:

    Thank you Asia!

  19. leese says:

    Its like the secret book, they talk about gratitude also

  20. guilleness says:

    I’m so happy I saw this video! It really is a choice to stay positive!
    Thank you, very helpful! I think I will request this journal as my birthday

  21. Alex Ikonn says:

    You are welcome!

  22. BetweenHeartAndMind says:

    Well done on filming a video about ur journal Alex 🙂 the first part of the
    video is very much related to the work I do.. I’m doing research on the
    ‘knowing-doing gap’ to find out why it is that people read many books,
    attend seminars, take part in training etc to learn something, but then
    don’t translate that learning or ‘knowing’ into real action or ‘doing’ ..
    So exciting that u guys are in London now, I live nearby and it would be
    great to bump into u sometime or talk about this, who knows m

  23. Mona Maccarty says:

    New subscriber! This video inspired me a lot

  24. poppy43210 says:

    Thank you Alex for taking your time to make this video.

  25. Manali says:

    Really nice video and I do need this positivity in my life. Thanks.


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