How to Build Your Self Confidence

Tired of not getting a raise, a date or more social invites? Self confidence plays a major impact on our social standing and our job performance. Work on the…


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31 Responses to “How to Build Your Self Confidence”

  1. deftdelivery says:

    @2dittoz If you believe that, you my friend, have lived and will continue
    to live a sad existence. I feel sorry for you looool

  2. Alex Prez Vazqueno says:

    @uuuultra i think thats really childish of ur part, if people accept that
    they have a problem, and they try to erase it, that takes a lot of balls!!
    the world would be diferent if we were this intelignent

  3. Peter Little says:

    alcohol and a spell check

  4. Vicente Abdala says:

    the video should be called “how to show everybody that you have 0
    confidence and a severe inferiority complex”…

  5. fashank22 says:

    I love the working out picture

  6. Scribble-Scratch says:

    So … basically, you can only be confident if you’re not slow, short, and
    fat. Awesome life lesson, guys. Awesome.

  7. spikedude55 says:

    Excl brought me here.

  8. ShortySilly16 says:

    1:18 WHAT DID YOU SAY?! Tall people are more confident?! D:< I NEED SOME DAMN HIGH HEELS! AND SOME INSTANT GROWTH! Walking up straight ain't gonna do SHIT for me!! D: *rantrantrant*

  9. 481morda says:

    Wow way to help with the self confidence at the intro

  10. Spiderman says:

    @deftdelivery tht only works in movies

  11. mjpitche says:

    I love that narrator! She’s a cutie!

  12. Igoor Lee says:

    I’m 2m tall and still I don’t have confident ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. Nena Bishop says:


  14. Oscar J. Williams says:

    Lack of Self confident comparing yourself with other. and make thought you
    are ugly or lack of energy with other. pls don’t compare yourself with
    other. open-minds-uk

  15. Paige Eastman says:


  16. Mysio says:

    this is very superficial. Self confidence is not about how others view you
    but how you view yourself

  17. ZisforZealand says:

    Today we’re talking about self confidence. Why don’t you have any? You’re
    not that ugly. Hahaha good way to start it off ๐Ÿ˜›

  18. likwidrzan says:

    u need spell check.

  19. 0330simon says:

    about the workout its true…. it makes you feel 10 times better and you
    feel that you can do anything

  20. jculpa says:

    Tomorrow’s a brand new day ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. HunterTheCrab says:

    I sprint everywhere cause Im so confident

  22. Ana Hornjak says:

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    became really good at seducing ladies. The guy found the Master Attraction
    website by Jake Ayres (Search in Google). All he’s doing now is banging
    women. He’s continually getting girls back and I can’t help but hear it,
    which is gross and I wish he never found that site. My friend just signed
    up and got a blowjob a week later.

  23. Jay Poojara says:

    thanks u…

  24. Joe Bonano says:

    You are as confident as in this vid :)..perfect i like it

  25. HarveyMidnight . says:

    I can shorten this entire video. Look at a picture of a hobo.


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