How To Increase Your Self Esteem & Confidence – Free Techniques

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24 Responses to “How To Increase Your Self Esteem & Confidence – Free Techniques”

  1. lakshmi priya says:

    Superior Video! I am more of a mind person, so I believe in facts. I even
    use an iPhone app called “dr love” by lokesh which keeps telling me how
    much I love myself across different aspects of my life and then I take
    corrective actions.

  2. baxeman says:

    Thank you! I’m glad it did

  3. Adeel Khan says:

    I tried this and the hypnotism one and feel the change. Don’t know which
    one did the trick for me. Btw, for how long should I try the hypnotism one
    and also this one? Should I stop after 21 days?

  4. peekaboots01 says:

    What if you don’t have anyone who loves you??

  5. baxeman says:

    what part was this?

  6. John Simpson says:

    this actually helped me out a lot… thank u so much 🙂

  7. argimag1 says:

    I was really able to see myself through my ex employer’s eyes & suddenly
    discovered my true beauty.. And aafter that i was not able to stop laughing
    and crying at the same time for 5 mibnutes. Thank yoy

  8. baxeman says:

    @adeeltariqkhan I would do both for the next 21 days, I get people
    contacting me on bryanzuniga . com on how they are doing it more than twice
    per day and noticing the massive changes in their behavior, the full
    version of the hypnosis audio is on my site as well if you are really
    committed download it.

  9. Shannon Bee says:


  10. Kundor says:

    this is a nice video. it really helped me 🙂

  11. Nikki D says:

    thank you! i did not think this would help me but it legitimately did

  12. Shannon Bee says:

    Actually it kind of hurt when you laughed and said “not your mom”. Because
    that’s the only person I could think of. But then it was just a blank spot.

  13. baxeman says:

    @montucheenu sounds good remember that the trick to it is to get yourself
    used to the feelings of confidences as often as possible so really get into
    it and associate yourself in each exercise. keep me posted

  14. xiliketurtlesxx says:

    thank you , I will definetly start watching this! I could really feel the
    feeling of confience. This was so helpful, I am greatful:)

  15. Ridhi Arora says:

    i heard it for the first time. I didn’t feel much difference, but I am
    going to listen to it for 21 days..and then probably i will feel the
    difference…will keep u posted

  16. Oscar J. Williams says:

    inspiration picture. video it self give the confident to the peopel.

  17. Shannon Bee says:

    I was thinking the same thing…

  18. Cloud Kazama says:

    Thank you!

  19. Nadeem Akhter says:

    i will try and will let u know if it worked one thing more tell me
    something about body language too i do bad unacceptable body languages
    during talkig with someone

  20. macbiz2biz says:

    we use them all the time they are that good.


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