How to Set and Achieve any Goal you Have in Your Life – with John Assaraf Part 1 Discover Cutting-Edge Scientifically Proven Strategies to Shatter Your Financial ‘Glass Ceiling’… and Finally Earn What You’re REA…


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37 Responses to “How to Set and Achieve any Goal you Have in Your Life – with John Assaraf Part 1”

  1. Eric Sapien says:

    Are you interested in achieving your goals or are you committed to
    achieving your goals? By committing you’ll learn, rehearse, practice and
    drill to get what you want. Committed people stop blaming their
    circumstances, skin color, people, economy, education and any other
    circumstance for not having the life they want. Instead they put all their
    attention and focus on how they will and can achieve their goals.

    Planning the goals was easy for me but wasn’t accomplishing anything.
    However, watching this video made me realized the missing parts. John
    Assaraf explains there’s more than setting goals in order to reach them.

    This is what Assaraf discovered that affects goal achieving

    1. Goals – know what you want
    2. Strategies(what you need to do) + tactics(how you need to do it) +
    process(a system to follow)
    3. Habits – Good habits to achieve goals, for example, read your goals
    every morning.
    4. Beliefs – am I good enough, smart enough, do I deserve success, do I
    have what it takes?
    5. Discover your big why – why is it important for you to achieve those

  2. Lorenzo Corrado says:

    Definitely another eye opener.

  3. anon cker says:

    Let me tell you guys a little story,It may change your life 🙂
    There was a man who wanted to be successful in his life,so he went to that
    Guru and told him “I want to become famous and start making some money”,so
    the Guru said “Do you really want success ?” and the man said “Yes I
    do”,then the Guru told him “If you want really success in your life then I
    will meet you at 6:00 am at the beach”,the man was surprised and told the
    Guru “But I want to make money,I don’t want to swim”,the Guru said “Then I
    will meet you tomorrow at 6 am at the beach”.
    The next day the man came to the beach and the Guru was already there,then
    he told him “walk into the water and keep walking”,so the man said in his
    mind “This Guru make a lot of money but he is crazy!”,but he walked to the
    water,and he kept walking and walking and going deeper and deeper,suddently
    the Guru pushed him very deep and kept pushing him! The man kept trying to
    get out but the Guru was stronger,then he rises him up and told him “When
    you were under water what did you want to do ?”,the man said “I wanted to
    breath”,then the Guru told him (I want you to remember that really
    good),the Guru told him “When you want to success as bad as you want to
    breath THEN you will be successful”.
    If you want something really bad then you will have it,in this world there
    are 2 types of people,some people who act,and others don’t do $hit,Don’t be
    from the second category 🙂 I hope that helped a bit coz it did help me !
    PS : sorry for my bad english.

  4. fabio souza says:

    good stuff … 

  5. Andrea Samadi says:

    This is an incredible refresher on HOW TO SET GOALS! #johnassaraf
    #goalachiever #praxisnow #entrepreneurship 

  6. Chris Martinez says:

    Wow, this resonated with me deeply. Thank you. 



  8. Lula Fantroy says:

    Awesome, this has given me the how toos in implementing what I want to
    happen in my life. It puts practicality on walking in Faith and renewing
    your mind. Part 2 is awesome also in explaining the different belief
    systems. It is those that I have found to cause me to self sabotage when I
    wasn’t aware of it. Thanks John.

  9. BrightermanTV says:

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  10. Jayarajesh Akineani says:

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  11. Akhilnath Muddana says:

    This was an amazing speech……..I LOVE the way u deliver ur speech and
    there is a great stuff in your words …..its interesting………once
    again thanx for u to share such gr8 stuff

  12. Amy Yvonne Thompson says:

    I am beginning podcasting on goal setting and achieving because I truly
    believe that it a vital step in using the law of attraction for our
    benefit. One point out of many important points that you touch on in this
    tutorial is that we must have the feeling of purpose in the goals we set
    for ourselves. I can vouch for this point and how important it is in using
    the law of attraction and making our goals commit-able. When I began
    college, one of the emphasis we were learning in orientation is that we
    must have a personal purpose for achieving our goal of obtaining our
    degrees. I can tell you that when you set your intention toward your goals
    with a personal purpose, you will be amazed at the level of success you
    will experience in achieving that goal.

  13. Rahul Krishnani says:

    I finish this 30 min video, find part 2, *FACEPALM*

  14. JaJuan Calvi says:

    Try to start each week at least one new goal

  15. Triveni satyanarayana says:

    Great Talk! Thanks for sharing!

    I was moving around in life cluelessly and all of them very pissed off with

    my colleague introduced me to this “justgoals” mobile app which helped me
    to set short/mid/long term goals.

    now, i have a purpose and i am moving focused in my life.

    I am like a magnetic force to people around me!

  16. hisabd502 says:

    I hate this because it all sounds like he’s regurgitating Brian Tracy who
    was regurgitating Earl Nightingale! I notice that Earl read books and had
    his own style and a lot of these speakers use the same format.I hate it!
    Probably if he just give the goal & keep his personal testimony I would’ve
    appreciated it. Just my opinion!

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  18. Anil Jane says:

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    loser for a long time, by the way) gets a jaw-dropping woman to fall in
    love with him in a couple of weeks? Yep, that occured. I understand I
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    I wanna hide out inside of a cave right now…

  19. Adam Maclada says:

    thanks 🙂

  20. mistak says:

    His, and the answer of other proponents of these ‘theories’ would be
    something like: Choose a goal. This world is terribly complex and there is
    no way that you are going to know perfectly what it is that your one ‘true
    thing’ is. The way to do that approximately, is look at your past
    experiences and see what you liked. Choose something aligned w. this as
    your goal. Then take action towards it as hard as you can, until something
    comes up that makes you re-evaluate, but now you’ll be much closer

  21. timmytimmyo says:

    so your goal is finding out what you want to do in life. There is a way to
    do this and it can be achieved in the most efficient manner by using the
    processes in this video. Act on it.

  22. MadRazzex says:

    Yes, and to choose what you want, you think about what you love to do and
    what you are good at doing. Then imagine what is the one thing you would
    like to do if you had no limitations, if you had all the money and means.
    When you’ve figured that out and you know hat you want, find out what steps
    to take to get there and most importantly: never give up 🙂

  23. Oscar Rodriguez says:

    It’s all about just shutting the FUCK UP and take massive action and go
    through your troubles and victories and baby stepping it and making your
    progressions daily, through ACTION! There’s no magical or ancient art to be
    learned, hustle and learn.

  24. ThatBritishNoob says:

    You’re boring now. Have fun with whatever you call this bullshit. Probably
    something like ‘genetic freedom fighting’. You seem stupid enough to say

  25. profd65 says:

    Bullshit. Who SPECIFICALLY did Hill rip off? Name this person. Go ahead.


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