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FREE VIDEO on how to goals by Tony Robbins one.


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17 Responses to “How to set goals tony robbins.wmv”

  1. Jason Jones says:

    What program is this from?

  2. juanh815 says:

    Tony is so cool!!! Reprogram your mind with this powerful recording. Become
    a god.

  3. mamacacanana says:

    So, whats her name tony? Which lotto did she win?

  4. jack delgado says:

    I was waiting for the other part of the exercise. lol

  5. Steven Pizarro jr. says:

    Anthony Robbins is truly a man without limits!

  6. Triveni satyanarayana says:

    I always had a problem of keeping many Goals and Achieving None in the end.
    To Overcome this problem, I started Keeping one only Goal at a time, so
    that I can finish it. I have an iPhone and i thought if there is any app
    which helps me Achieve One Goal at a time, it will be great. In my Search
    for such an app, I found “just1goal” iOS app by Lokesh Hanumappa. This is
    really cool app which makes sure you can set/track/achieve only one goal at
    a time. Hope it helps you guys too.

  7. DinkerTinker1 says:

    Setting goals of making a certain amount of money is a dumb idea. Why?
    Start making a goal of creating something you would like to own or buy
    yourself and then put it up for sale. Maybe someone buys it, maybe no one
    buys it. Money in itself is dead. Money is just a means to an end. Creation
    is the best way to make more money, but the focus should not be “make more
    money”. The focus should be “creating something I would like to own.
    Something that might even inspire others to buy it from me”.

  8. Jimi Craktcorn says:

    tony cant hear ya.

  9. Kamal Regmi says:

    Tony is phenomenal

  10. Dhanraj Phagoo says:

    How many of you actually did the exercise and got lost in your writing and
    completely lost track of time?!

  11. Cesar Gaxiola says:


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