How to set SMART goals Learn how to set powerful, actionable goals for your organization.
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How To Set SMART Goals International Business coach, New York Times Best Selling Author and Sales Expert Grant Cardone discusses how to properly set goals t…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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59 Responses to “How to set SMART goals”

  1. محمد هشام خطاب says:

    great video …thanks very much for who made it and put it on the youtube 

  2. Susan Szepietowski says:

    How to set SMART goals

  3. B-man says:

    that marker sound on the board… eww! sorry… couldn’t watch for more
    than 5 secs… although really wanted to

  4. Mohd Al-OMARI says:

    A nice way of explaining 🙂 thanx

  5. Mary Lautner says:

    Familiar except R now means responsible person instead of “realistic”. Good

  6. Jules C. says:

    :O Lisbon talking!

  7. weewilly2007 says:

    isnt technique only as valid as what it’s being applied 2wards. ask because
    can easily imagine such a system influencing how ppl relate 2 life. goal
    oriented it’s called right? so what is D ultimate goal of life anyway? 2
    achieve as many goals as possible? wouldn’t it matter what D goals r at
    all? plus if life were just a succession of goals, law of averages would
    guarantee fixed % of failures, wonder if it would stake up in d long run.
    Life as baseball stats – goal or unforeseen outcum?

  8. osamahi says:

    Thank you very much , you are excellent

  9. Bobby Soul says:

    Your Pretty

  10. ThamesOrIsis says:

    Part1: I often hear Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Realistic-Timely. But I
    think @timbrownson is right: A and R are too similar. Erica’s proposal is
    OK b/c of Responsible. However, when Erica describes the goal-setting
    process, it feels very top-down (scribbling subordinate’s name in the
    corner is an abused “tool”). Imagine CEO w/overblown ego–like 19-yr-old
    @drumsalltime ;-)–coming in one day, “We must increase satisfaction by10%.
    C.S. Irene, you’re responsible for X, & IT Joe, please do Y.”

  11. Andrew Lythgoe says:

    Some reason my comment didn’t post. I would like to know how she will
    measure the 10% with what she has shown us.

  12. carolyn thornton says:

    Your marker board had TOO MUCH writing on it. You had TOO MUCH to say in a
    short amount of time. I won’t watch your videos again.

  13. Khashayar24 says:

    Great job! I appreciate it.

  14. keegan sweeney says:

    R should be Relevant

  15. Darren Osborne says:

    The exact link is please advise if you can?

  16. tbointernational says:

    Awesome presentation and explanation on goal setting. Thanks a ton for this.

  17. 2submit says:

    fuck i just wanna lose weight

  18. Thomas Outt says:

    Scrolling down just 4 beneath this one, Sree Lakshmi–& incorporating the
    overview presented by the You Tube-it’s nice to see that more people are
    beginning to understand the myth of multitasking. This is an offshoot of
    managers who have laid off employees & are telling those left to do more
    with less resources. Breaking things down to one goal & making that goal
    realistic helps keep it attainable & from being overwhelming. For the most
    part, we can only effectively do one thing @ a time.

  19. raoshraf says:

    thank u Erica for your details and info on Managment, can u please revise
    them and type in computer like a professional presentation, while you have
    a very good presentation skills. Just revise them and make them beutiful
    like you

  20. DAVID KNOWLES says:


  21. Nguyen Doan says:

    Very clear, thank you very much 😉

  22. galendracos says:

    Pretty and smart! Double threat! 😛 Thanks for the great info.

  23. Andrew Lythgoe says:

    I like this series, but how in this instance is the 10% measurable?

  24. Alan James Laide says:

    Nonsense. By your definition Achievable and Realistic are more or less the
    same thing and so do not require separate headings. E.g. Are our objectives
    achievable/attainable? Yes. Well then they are realistic. Our objectives
    are realistic because they are achievable with the resources we have…I’m
    sure you get the point by now. I’m with Erica and best practices on this

  25. drumsalltime says:

    This is very professionally addressed. I’m a 19 year old entrepreneur, but
    I’m educated enough in the field of business and management to see that
    this is very well done. If my whole business was staffed by people with
    this level of professionalism… The things we could achieve… 🙂

  26. Grant Cardone says:

    Give up the new years resolution for something that I found that really
    In this video I will share how I sets my goals and then how to clarify the

    Taking the time to identify what you really want, then over a period of
    revisiting the writings the goals will start to clarify into what you
    really aspire, want to have.

    Most people don’t get what they want in life because they never take the
    time to first set goals and then never clarify those that are most
    important to them.

    Hope you benefit from this in 2013

  27. 3S Enterprises Inc says:

    Here is a video from #GrantCardones on #Goal Setting

  28. Jazevox Jazevox says:

    *Set Your Goals – Achieve Your Dream – Stay Focus – 2013 and Beyond!*
    #grantcardone #newyearsresolution #newyear2013 #goalsetting 

  29. Diane Bianchi says:

    Get what you want in 2013!

  30. Grant Cardone says:
  31. Wahmir says:

    Thank you for the tips!

  32. Video Business Cards says:

    Hi Grant. I am a beginer video producer, web marketer, I live in the UK, if
    I can be in any help for your desire to have a program in the UK, please
    let me know. Happy New Year. Kind regards, SEBASTIAN TIPLEA

  33. trexpaddock says:

    Any tips for people who are not shallow enough to be motivated purely by

  34. Joe Kelly says:

    …”I want…I want…I want….

  35. Milwaukee Saves says:

    Great stuff brother, keep it up!

  36. David Colyer says:

    After I clarify what I WANT, what do you recommend I do next? Considering
    the fact that I wrote my list of goals without any understanding on how to
    attain (or achieve) them. What would you recommend as the correct actions
    to take from this point moving forward?

  37. Shawn Rowden says:

    Turnaround King needs to be back on TV!!!

  38. Grant Cardone says:


  39. Joe Kelly says:

    “New York Times Best Selling ARTHUR” hahahaha!

  40. Grant Cardone says:

    Thanks bro! Do you have any of my books?

  41. James Worley says:

    I will be in your area this week and I WANT TO MEET GRANT CARDONE!

  42. Dominic High says:

    Though Grant answered,listen carefully what he is saying in the video,
    write it down BUT do not worry just yet about how you are going to get it.
    Clarify it. Clarity breeds passion breed sustainability when obstacle
    appear!!! You rock Grant!!!

  43. Zip Ship says:

    Grant this is SOOOO good. I think it’s one of your best videos yet. I’d
    love to see a follow up video on this. Great job!

  44. Nerdy Kev says:

    Going to implement today

  45. jazevox says:

    Thanks, will have to start doing this, i really like this idea

  46. David Adams says:

    Thanks Grant,

  47. Adrian El-Rico says:

    Hey grant your dope Bro!

  48. Joe Kelly says:

    What are you doing on a boat. Sell something bro!

  49. warrenpeace68 says:

    I second that motion!

  50. David Colyer says:

    Thanks Grant. I appreciate the help.

  51. MichaelBoymn says:

    Hello. And Bye.

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