Jim Rohn Setting Goals Part 1

Jim Rohn Setting Goals Part 1

http://www.AsAManThinketh.net/JimRohn.htm for a Free eBook of one of Jim Rohn’s favorite books. In this video the legendary teacher, trainer and mentor to mi…
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32 Responses to “Jim Rohn Setting Goals Part 1”

  1. John Kettley says:

    The late great Jim Rohn talking about goals…

  2. Jeff Juraska, PT says:

    Let us do this! Development of self through others is not selfish…
    Especially when you help each other. The most selfish thing you can do is
    help the next guy.

    I love physical therapy it is one of the best ways of practicing
    motivational speaking…. One person at a time!

    Others is ethics… It is that simple: think “we” 

  3. Eddie Bryant says:

    Great video from a great man!

  4. satya narayana says:

    Great Video! Thanks for sharing

    I was always keeping 1000goals and dabbling through life and achieving not
    even 1 goal.

    my friend almost forced me to use this “just1goal” mobile app which makes
    sure that I set,track and achieve only one goal at a time.

    now, I achieved almost 7-8 goals in 3 months.

    thank you guys

  5. Bohemian Wrecks says:

    Young Padawan, when your ears look like mine, you will then make money like

  6. Rajesh Malhotra says:

    The father of Personal Development and Americas most successful businessman
    and foremost Philospher and the Mentor to Anthony Robbins. We Miss You

  7. Shanth kumar g.c says:

    Successful people leaves clues behind..

  8. Jim McCann says:

    WISE Words WISE man.

  9. alwed ekka says:

    Set goals…

  10. Jennie Gorman says:
  11. Melissa Juarez says:

    Success is something you attract – Jim Rohn

  12. Graham Cullen says:

    Inspiring stuff!

  13. miguel110278 says:


  14. Erin Parker says:

    Jim Rohn helped me change my life but John David helped me to earn more
    money when I was still a beginner. You should check out proper income dot
    com for you to be more financially independent.

  15. 909steeze says:

    Vemma! Next big thing

  16. Cornelius Burks says:

    Listen to something from Jim Rohn Daily change my life. Cornelius Burks

  17. babehbabeh93 says:

    Jim has got really big ears.

  18. stuckincinci says:

    This is a great interview. There are lots speakers that tell you all about
    their philosophy, but many times they stop short in telling specifically
    what to do (probably because everyone has different needs). However, in
    this interview, he asks what the daily steps were that Rohn did to change
    his life. We’ve heard them all, if you’ve ever listened to Rohn’s stuff,
    but not in this context. Mr. Johnson plays the part of a person like me.
    What would I ask the man if i had the chance to? Thanks!

  19. Michael Knulst says:

    Awesome teaching from Jim Rohn. He is my favorite audio mentor!

  20. fay551 says:

    God bless your soul Mr. Rohn. You were an amazing person.

  21. Khalil Patwa says:

    Awesome, love it. and he quoted Zig Ziglar too, another jedi master 😉

  22. Manny Barns says:

    type in (topnotch do you)and press search,this is just what i needed to

  23. gschopp says:

    Every single person on Earth, can be successful in life, by just listening
    to this 10 minute video. Jim Rohn is the definition of a legend teacher on

  24. Oyungerel Chuluunbaatar says:

    Thank you so much ! You are my inspiration and mentor. Rest in peace. You
    are legend.

  25. CoachTerp says:



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