John Maxwell – The Secret to Success

John Maxwell tells us the secret to success. How Do You Define Success? John Maxwell, tells us that successful people understand what their purpose is. And i…
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34 Responses to “John Maxwell – The Secret to Success”

  1. Jeff Hebb says:

    What is the secret to SUCCESS? +John Maxwell 

  2. João F says:

    Absolutely true. Since I started to know myself, I begin my journey to
    success. To know myself is to master my personality.

  3. sopna rahman says:

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  4. riquezaenlinea says:

    very good video changes lives, go through my channel

  5. John Smith says:

    He could have said all of that in three sentences.

  6. thriveni saidam says:

    This is really a Cool Channel! 7 habits is too good, but i was not able to
    practice it, so i looked for tools and i got one called “sevenhabits” which
    is an iPhone app. It helps me to be in focus and practice the habits in a
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  7. SATCHELL3000 says:

    May it be (spiritual), emotional, financial, or what have you — (success)
    is truly determined by how (content) one is — not necessarily in terms of
    what they may or may not possess — it is only as useful & (meaningful), as
    the intentions, (purpose), & (decisions) of those, in whom it’s been
    placed. Nevertheless — (peace of mind) is of far greater value than what
    any one person can ever possess, materially — & to an extent, otherwise —
    for it’s greatest reward is (contentment).

  8. sourav paul says:

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  9. Kellie Hosaka says:

    There Are 2 Great Days In A Person’s Life, The Day They Are Born & The Day
    They Discover Why… enjoy John Maxwell – The Secret to Success video…

  10. RE/MAX little oak realty says:


  11. TJK Accounting Services says:

    Attended the second workshop of a new group and like the first workshop
    last week got me thinking and looking deep within myself. Some of what was
    talked about comes from the work of John Maxwell. I will add to what is
    talked about in this video that success is also be willing to redefine the
    path you are on so that you will succeed with your life’s purpose. John
    Maxwell – The Secret to Success

  12. MTGBrandon says:

    @Alegriaenquidam Oh sorry. I meant March not April. He’s amazing isn’t he?

  13. Angel WIng says:

    The information you NEED is at success is getting into the
    right mindset, the simple steps you must complete are available

  14. zenxi6 says:

    Having goals and confidence in achieving those goals is a pretty general
    good statement to make. I think most feel-good speakers do this. And you
    know what? So what. It seems to me that perhaps speaking about leadership
    and achieving goals is rather pointless when one doesn’t have the basic
    ability to pursue what’s right in the world. When someone thinks they
    already know what right-ness is, and tries to shove that on others, there’s
    no real leader there. Just a dictator

  15. GiniCurv says:

    My library has a new book from this fellow, with a number prominent in the
    title–my first hint. I’m a reformed PK (preacher’s kid), so I’ve heard all
    these cadences before. For success we need purpose (aka stability) and
    where does purpose come from? He relates that he taught himself about
    success by talking to successful people. Seems like a good idea, until
    you’ve read Daniel Kahneman. Every cognitive bias in his book comes into
    play when people narrate their victories after the fact.

  16. Abdur Rahman says:

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  17. Above and Beyond Counseling says:

    John Maxwell is an excellent teacher and is able to connect so easily with
    people in live situations and in internet teachings like this. We use his
    materials in our Christian counseling center.

  18. Clemwell Milan says:

    This is so true. I almost cried when I finished hearing it.

  19. rflora1980 says:

    this is great!

  20. Jorg Gutthater says:

    @FaithLoveHope1984 Hi Belinda. Hi yes I have heard of Hillsong and I have a
    couple of your Cd’s. Very Good! I will see if I can find the book you are
    talking about, thanks. Funny to chat on a comment page, do you have a
    facebook or twitter account? I also follow your Pastor Brain Houston on
    twitter. Sorry I never answered you, I am from South Africa. God bless.

  21. CCSMTV says:

    @ragetoca -this is not a church service but a seminar done by a leadership
    expert to train others. It’s not a sermon and it was certainly not Mr.
    Maxwells’ intention to preach a sermon on this occassion. Listen to a
    couple of his videos- theres’ alot to learn..

  22. shiran says:

    אתה תשב שמה עם הכסף שלךךךךךךךךך

  23. Sid Richard Morris says:

    Thank You, John for this amazing insight. The day that I discovered my
    purpose in life . . . my WHY . . . is the day I began living for someone
    other than myself. SRM

  24. Mohamed AL Jumaily says:

    Thanks for uploading the vid!

  25. Nicola Grace says:

    John Maxwell revealed the Secret to Success incredibly beautiful:)

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