Learning How to Paint Part 1 – Three Secrets to Success

You cannot learn how to paint in just a few weeks – the old masters spent years as an apprentice to master artists, and many more years refining their skills…
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1,911 Responses to “Learning How to Paint Part 1 – Three Secrets to Success”

  1. DecemberSean says:

    You are very wrong. Picasso showed a passion and a skill for drawing from
    an early age. According to his mother, his first words were “piz, piz”, a
    shortening of lápiz, the Spanish word for “pencil”. From the age of seven,
    Picasso received formal artistic training from his father in figure drawing
    and oil painting. The family moved to A Coruña in 1891, where his father
    became a professor at the School of Fine Arts.

  2. John Vukelic says:

    These recommendations apply to “whatever” field you choose to study. Very
    clearly explained. This video is gold.

  3. calin4thewin says:

    Born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Chang began studying piano at age
    3. I suspect that is the reason why she rocks at music, not “natural born
    ability”. Picasso started studying painting at age 3, with his father. I
    guess he had a lot of “natural ability” as well. Seems like good training
    at an early age is the best indicator of “natural inborn ability” 🙂

  4. Mustafa Jannan says:

    @RodrigoVdacosta I agree with you. Half of my life I was convinced not to
    be able to paint. Now I´m painting since a few months and have reached a
    high level in this short time – not by reading books but by talent. Value,
    color, etc. – these are terms I have learned on youtube :-).

  5. Rodrigo Costa says:

    … If you think a little more you’ll clearly see what I mean. Rodrigo Costa

  6. Rodrigo Costa says:

    … Actually, painting is not anything looking like economy. Even if
    artists have to work hard, really, the most important is talent; without it
    the people may even work hard but it won’t be never enough. When somebody
    said that art is 90% of work and 10% of inspiration… possibly, that guy
    has never known inspiration, only work. So, his painting or whatever surely
    will tell about it, because it won’t have the inspirational light… Talent
    is the best friend of inspiration…

  7. Rodrigo Costa says:

    I’m 1, 66 m tall. Could I have been a NBA player?… Perhaps! If I had an
    very out standard control on the ball; if I was able to shot at long
    distance, once I couldn’t be close of the basket — how much outstanding I
    should be!!! And I’m not 🙂 Big hug

  8. TheHumbuckerboy says:

    I think that the problem is often that some tutors/teachers are only
    treating these positions as no more than a job to make a living.They
    perhaps resent having to teach and are frustrated that they are unable to
    be full time ,respected ,professional painters/artists. Also they may feel
    insecure and are therefore guarded about retaining their knowledge for
    themselves .The result is that students lose out ! I was also discouraged
    by the way this teacher would manhandle and so ruin my work !

  9. calin4thewin says:

    Same here, I left art school after the first year and a half, because save
    for one teacher, most others were literally wasting our time, while failing
    to provide the real instruction, at the easel, palette and so on. Also
    failing to demonstrate correct technique, even if they themselves knew it.
    Good teachers / tutors are hard to find indeed.

  10. calin4thewin says:

    My friend I think you’re a bit misinformed. Picasso’s dad was a painter
    himself, and he started teaching him at a VERY early age, around 3 if well
    I remember. Please check out “Man in a Beret” made when he was 14, and also
    “First Communion” from the same period. Both of these paintings of his will
    show you that he had A LOT of regular training (over 10 years in fact), and
    had academic painting well within his grasp. Those 2 pieces will show you
    that far better than I ever could.

  11. TheGuevarist says:

    I think you can’t put percentage for how somebody reach a high level, for
    some it was the talent… for others it was the hard work which played a
    big role, but usually the talent is nothing if you had no one to teach you
    or influence you or to improve your skills,. no one is that genius, you can
    be good but not great master without learning, even if you are smart, have
    big imagination and talented, you won’t have the ability to imply your
    thoughts in a painting in a great way… etc

  12. john smith says:

    I think the trouble with art is there are too many critics, not every
    painter will achieve the same results as the ‘masters’ even with a lifetime
    of study, but that doesn’t mean practice won’t give you results that your
    happy with, if you paint landscapes everyday its logical to assume you will
    get good at them, but don’t ever be put of by someone saying it takes years
    of study…it doesn’t. once you learn a few simple techniques on how the
    media performs and is controlled its easy

  13. TheHumbuckerboy says:

    Concerning finding a tutor I would suggest ,if possible,asking a former
    student to give you their honest opinion about the tutor in question. I was
    in a class years ago where the tutor was an exhibiting artist but sadly he
    seemed unwilling to share his knowledge with the class.I now seek to learn
    through excellent videos such as this one.I honestly feel that my old tutor
    let us down by failing to demonstrate techniques or impart basic knowledge
    .He was also often discouraging and sarcastic.

  14. Rodrigo Costa says:

    When somebody talented and in his childhood can find any good master about
    whatever, the master can’t put in the child’s head the essence of the
    knowing, the seed of the knowing; the master only can pull an existent
    wire, because without eyes, nobody can see anything, even if somebody is
    pointing the things to him —the inteligence and the sensivity are the
    specific eyes that help people for seeing what, many times, seems to be
    invisible. I think it is not difficult to understand.

  15. Emanuel Makhoul says:

    Wow its beatiful

  16. TK Davidson says:

    Absolutely. I’ve done the same exact thing in studying genius level work.
    Almost every single person I can even think of who is amazing has had at
    least 10,000 hours of work to obtain that level. That goes for Van Halen to
    Bobby Fischer to Wayne Gretzky and many others. I personally believe that
    most people have the ability to do high level art, they simply lack
    dedication. There are, of course, people who have a natural born ability
    like Ha Na Chang, the Korean cellist. What say ye? =0)

  17. James Peacock says:

    Mr. Raybould – Your words just read – give me hope – I have proven your
    theory – in my other art work – Polymer Clay -I have a piece in the
    collection in the White House and museums – took me 11 years – from 8 to 12
    hours a day – 7 days a week to get there – I painted when I was much
    younger- — But set it aside – I want it back – I once asked a teacher what
    it took to be even a good artist – clear and simple – You must make 1000
    bad paintings – Then a good one will come along.

  18. Wenceslao Futanki says:

    picasso never learned academic painting, thats the biggest fraud i art
    history. Check his blue period, thats the most “academic” stuff he made.

  19. don77frye says:

    You don’t really know what you are talking about!

  20. calin4thewin says:

    Very true. Some teachers however do teach amazingly well. For instance one
    is Myron Barnstone. Find some of his stuff on Youtube, and on Vimeo he has
    a full 1+ hours video with his color theory class. You will hear and see
    stuff there that will blow your mind 🙂

  21. Vincenzo Sensibile says:

    amo molto questo artista.Grazie

  22. ilovetheworldandu says:

    thats a bit rude int it and my granddads a brilliant artist really good at
    painting building, landscapes and trains (you should see some of his steam
    train painings :D)

  23. Rodrigo Costa says:

    Who’s Einstein?… May you say anything from yourself?… Why do you use
    your mouth for expressing thoughts from other people?… Einstein said lots
    of shit. It is not enough somebody discovering the law of the gravity, Life
    doesn’t end there. How many times have you worked hard and… anything
    worked good enough?… Have you heard on FLUXUS?… Ask to a neurologist.
    Forget Einstein and think by yourself, please Best wishes and…
    inspiration, independently of working hard. Rodrigo Costa

  24. Rodrigo Costa says:

    I’m sure that Mozart’s father could have several sons and none would be
    like Mozart. Could be, as musicians, best or worst but not equal, once
    there is not two equal people —similar, is the maximum possible. Different
    is to say that talent doesn’t have to work. It would be a mistake waiting
    the talent as enough condition for getting high levels. Would be Usain-Bolt
    the same without training?… By other hand, how many athlets can be like
    him, even if they work so hard as he works?

  25. calin4thewin says:

    I completely disagree. I’ve looked into scientific studies concerning
    Mozart, Tiger Woods and so on. The main conclusion is that there is no
    built in talent, anybody exhibiting amazing results has put in over 10.000
    hours of hard work to get there. Those that started at ages like 3 and had
    very good instructors (usually a parent), we now call geniuses.
    Furthermore, any associative powers that one may call inspiration, if one
    doesn’t have it by default, can be easily obtained with psychedelics.

  26. daniel12008 says:

    those girls screaming seem like the screaming version of a laugh track

  27. deedee9960 says:

    she is pretty but the Illuminati and good song writers are behind her
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  28. cameishananton says:

    Wow what’s up with that choker around her neck

  29. Falza Khan says:

    lol screaming 0:04-0:14

  30. A Sanders says:

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  31. jesahachelo15 says:

    you just say she is illuminati because clearly you havent worked hard to
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  32. MissThaang26 says:

    Selling out! Lol

  33. Fanny1234ish says:

    Her secrets to success is theilluminati.

  34. Kareem Fenty says:

    do you guys even know what illuminati means? you guys live on youtube and
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  35. Randy Dubin says:

    I can already tell you what they are W/O even seeing the video: 1. Get
    Jay-Z’s attention so he can sign you to a record contact. 2. Cause drama
    and generally act like a whore/Lindsay Lohan wannabe despite your average
    looks. 3. Have really, REALLY good songwriters and producers. And that’s
    the formula to get more YT subscribers than Justin Bieber. Apparently.

  36. polynesianpuppet says:

    it looks like she had nothing to do with making the perfume just put her
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  37. peachycalmable says:

    She sold her soul to the devil

  38. collnorway says:

    What kind of answer is that? Everyone would enjoy doing what she does, but
    it doesn’t mean that they become successful

  39. Hop The Border Productions says:

    Right….And the occult symbolism that is so blatantly obvious has NOTHING
    to do with it.

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