Positive Attitude is Everything – Very Funny Attitude Video – Inspirational

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28 Responses to “Positive Attitude is Everything – Very Funny Attitude Video – Inspirational”

  1. LeapFrogVA says:

    ha ha! How great is this for a positive attitude Positive Attitude is
    Everything – Very Funny Attitude Video – Inspirational #positive #funny

  2. UpJoy.me says:

    Be happy! A great message

  3. Whoooooooooohooooo1 says:

    Right you be! You can imagine the stress he avoided by being happy? 😀

  4. رياض محمد الشهري says:

    الي جاي من تويتر عمر حسين لايك

  5. missMeeM4 says:

    ههههههههههههههههه ياخي ربط عجيب بين مواقع التواصل واليوتيوب .. الله يجمعنا
    كلنا دايما هههههههه

  6. أمين الأمين says:

    الشعب العربي في كل مكان هههههههههه حيااااااااااااااكم

  7. hamdoon6676 says:

    حتى هنا موجودين هههههههههه

  8. Ali Al-Bahrani says:

    هلا بالشباب .. أنتو هنا وأنا أدوركم بالواتساب ^_^

  9. faisal abdullah says:

    انا داري فيه سعوديين ..

  10. AMQ AMAQ says:

    إلي جاي من عند عمر حسين لآيك =”)

  11. Tofy Gamer says:

    اح الو السعوديين

  12. abood bk says:


  13. Mohammed Abubakr says:

    عمر حسبن.لايك

  14. Asya Chavdar says:

    Raising a Happy Child: How to Teach Kids to Think Positively

    Life is a miracle and a priceless gift that we have. Let’s make it an
    adventurous journey for our kids, for they surely deserve to be happy and
    enjoy this life. While we can’t and probably shouldn’t isolate our children
    from all the disappointments and difficulties they are bound to face, there
    is one important thing that every parent can bless their kid with. And that
    is an ability TO THINK POSITIVELY.

    “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference,” goes Winston
    Churchill. Life is never going to be perfect, but it can be fun and full of
    opportunities for those who can look beyond this day’s failures and
    downfalls into the possibilities of tomorrow.

    Here are a few tips on how to raise a cheerful and happy child:

    – talk with your kid about his/her dreams and hopes for the future;
    – try to avoid “all or nothing words” (always, never, everywhere, nowhere,
    everything, nothing, etc.) when talking about your child’s or someone
    else’s performance at school, behavior, character, etc. If you have to talk
    about such things use “sometimes” instead;
    – encourage your kid regularly with phrases like, “You did such a great
    job!” “Everything is going to be fine!” “You are such a blessing to me!”
    – don’t rush to accuse your child before you hear them out and analyze the
    situation properly. Otherwise, the child may develop the feeling of
    constant guilt and shame;
    – give your child a chance to get things straight for him/herself, show
    them that they are capable of dealing with their own mistakes;
    – do something fun and pleasant for your kid for no special reason. Turn
    your life into a beautiful adventure.
    – make it a habit to look back at the day and remember all the fun and good
    things that happened;
    – smile to each other more often;
    – don’t forget about your personal attitude to life: stop complaining about
    life, judging others, grumbling, using negative language…at least, in front
    of your kids, as a first step =)

    Hope, you found this helpful! Enjoy life and have a great day!

  15. Greyhawk Jones says:

    Does that kid have downs? Its too blurry to tell. I thought he did.

  16. jyotee bhatta says:

    NEPAL.. Check

  17. Ikilluikillu2 says:

    Put a smile on my face… Nice video

  18. jin555 says:

    That’s how people become “bipolar”

  19. yuris yuris says:

    I Like it

  20. Hugo Martinez says:

    Positive Attitude is Everything

  21. O'Neil Godfrey says:

    *Positive Attitude is Everything*
    Attitude is Everything! Funny attitude video of babies at the office.
    Having a positive attitude is the key in life.

  22. Flora M Brown says:

    Cute video. Get over that it’s an ad.

  23. hare krshna says:

    this is my babyhood video. . . 

  24. Main Street Marketing Co. says:

    Attitude is everything. (A little perspective… SMILE!)

  25. joshee deepak says:

    Good morning


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