Positive Mental Attitude

Much more at http://gitomer.com/ – Jeffrey Explains how to acheive and maintain a Positive Mental Attitude and the importance of doing it.
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Positive Mental Attitude

Presenting a unique video on Positive Attitude training in Hindi. This video will help you to transform your thoughts and attitude into a Positive Mindset. Y…


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58 Responses to “Positive Mental Attitude”

  1. Triveni satyanarayana says:

    This is really a Cool Channel! 7 habits is too good, but i was not able to
    practice it, so i looked for tools and i got one called “sevenhabits” which
    is an iPhone app. It helps me to be in focus and practice the habits in a
    focused manner. now , really i am better professional

  2. Beat Caliber says:

    Nice vid

  3. George Sepich says:

    +jeffrey Gitomer Positive Mental Attitude #positivementalattitude

  4. Nemanja Radoicic says:

    what mean hokey? :O

  5. samalanaga says:

    the law of attraction isnt new age bullshit if you understand it but the
    way its explained is often misleading. The idea isnt that if you are
    positive then only positive things happen to you. Its, as someone touched
    on, if you’re positive youll be able to make any negative situation
    positive. But being what most people think is “positive” is actually the
    same as being negative bc of the mentality it requires. Real
    positivity=non-judgmental ie things are neither good nor bad

  6. Brian Preetz says:

    Saw him speak live last week. This guy has changed my life. Thanks Jeffery.
    Make you proud!

  7. Laci Rossett says:

    14 people choose to be eternally negative….

  8. azhar ali says:

    GOD” this man is awesome….

  9. Helen esthéticienne says:

    Hi, I live in France and I bought your your Little Red Book of Sales in
    French, I love it! Love your work!!!

  10. Andi St. Jean says:

    sounds so simple yet many people don’t practice. Mindset/attitude is one of
    the most important (if not The Most Important) components to success in

  11. Ahamed Basha says:


  12. PositiverKommentator says:

    Your Video is great! Hamumumu

  13. Abhijeetetrx says:

    ^Change your attitude!

  14. WatDaStreetsCreated says:


  15. Benjamin MacKinnon says:

    @mahaman Yes, I’ve read psycho-cybernetics. And I disagree with a great
    deal of its philosophies. Simply because while cynicism is a terrible way
    to live, it isn’t something to be avoided. Just like living in pain sucks,
    but it shouldn’t be avoided sometimes. Moderation. If the law of attraction
    is so legitimate, what difference does who I read a book from make? If the
    science of it carries weight, it will find it’s way into legitimate avenues
    and not self-help bookshelves.

  16. Lal Babu says:

    negative attitudeee

  17. jacobfranks43 says:

    and im not being negative..

  18. MusicForLifeLyrics says:

    @Tjalboman Anyone can be fucking negative, no ones always gonna be
    positive. So yeah, it is bull.

  19. mahaman says:

    law of attraction

  20. Erigha Henry says:

    this is an awesome Piece…

  21. evolutionpr says:

    Jeffery, you helped me. Thank you. Your videos are used religiously with my
    place of employment, they made a right choice in doing so.

  22. MusicForLifeLyrics says:

    @Tjalboman Mmmm no not at all.

  23. Eslam Elbahar says:

    Right Right ^_^

  24. Music Night says:

    people who get road rage need mental help

  25. Joanna Dark says:


  26. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thanks Pankaj..! I will work it out if we can plan a tutorial video about

  27. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thank Dipin..! 🙂

  28. dipin sonwani says:

    it was very inspirational…..

  29. Pankaj Singh says:

    Dear, would like to ask you what software you use for video editing and
    also wna know if you use green screen, i must say its truly amazing, Can i
    Request you to plz show us your setup and make a small tutorial as how you
    edit your videos will be thankful to you.Thanks and Bless You Always.

  30. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thank you..! 🙂

  31. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thank you for encouraging..! 🙂

  32. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    😀 🙂

  33. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Pleasure..! 🙂

  34. Vaib Sh says:


  35. Vaib Sh says:

    This is for…..THA NK YOU THANK YOU

  36. Vaib Sh says:

    Khair mera to din hi bura h..hehehehe good sir

  37. Anser Mehmood says:

    Good dear ,nice job,keep it up.

  38. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thnx for the regard Abhishekh..! 🙂 I can understand your feelings.. All
    the Best..!

  39. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thank you..! 🙂

  40. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Such words mean a lot to me..! Thank you for such encouraging thought and
    words..! 🙂


    i m ur big fan of ur explaining style (forgive me for not writing in good
    english but i have tried)….. thanks

  42. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thank you..! 🙂

  43. Vishnubhai Patel says:


  44. ajay sharma says:

    telling u one thing sir, agar aise videos school, colleges, institutes may
    roj dikhye jaye na i can say dat every one achieve its goals, nd success in
    dere life superb videos sir i present this in my classes

  45. kishorsinh jhala says:

    superb sirji

  46. Him-eesh Madaan says:


  47. Him-eesh Madaan says:

    Thanks..! 🙂

  48. sandeep singh rathore says:

    very good motivation spikar


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