Self Improvement – Guaranteed Success with Your Self Improvement

Self-Improvement — Today, we’re going to be talking about self-improvement and a really simple tip that can bring a lot of awaren…
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What is Ego? – Today’s topic is critically important because when you understand it, it will allow you to powerfully learn everyth…
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47 Responses to “Self Improvement – Guaranteed Success with Your Self Improvement”

  1. eggs for fun says:

    i let people fuck with me to much because im always trying to be nice to
    them basically im a pushover

  2. ztune1 says:

    What would you recomend for someone who wanted to be a part of a franchise?

  3. Jennifer Doran says:

    I have a fear of a men not accepting me for who I am with the good and bad
    faults. I also can’t read men’s true intentions for me. Also a body image
    issues and weigh issues.

  4. nilharma says:

    Just go ahead and watch his other videos and he’ll tell you how ! He’s
    amazing and so are you! 🙂

  5. José Ramón Pepino Ojeda Martín says:

    I have fear of being publicly ridiculed, of being discovered doing
    something wrong… and perhaps the worse… I get very angry when people
    corrects me. I feel that all my chances drop to the ground with these
    know-it-all’ish talks. I’m a scallywag myself, and being called like that
    may not be so offensive to me, but being called “kid” or “immature” or
    being rejected, are triggers for my anger. Thanks for the awareness.

  6. MissVelvetElle says:

    When someone is killed bc of race or if they are a homosexual, there
    immediately begins (and rightfully so) a social commentary about what
    elements of society are contributing to this and how to heal it.

  7. karen BARRIE says:

    Thank you, this is so true!

  8. Michael Forrest says:

    yeah, you say “work on it” and then end the video without telling how.

  9. MissVelvetElle says:

    When women, children are harmed, I never hear a social commentary about
    what element of society is contributing to this-SEXISM! So being upset by
    this means…? Shouldn’t we be moved to act and speak about injustice?

  10. SN4ify says:

    he can’t tell you how to exactly deal with it you have to find the answer
    out your self, every body has different problems

  11. Danielle Rawls says:

    This definitely helped, thank you!

  12. monar1610 says:

    I really love your video. They have helped me a lot. Thanks God Bless you
    for helping others

  13. Jay D says:

    Perhaps the problem is much deeper my friend. Maybe it could be a character
    flaw or something or your past experience is holding you back. Invest in
    some time and find the solution. It will take some time but you can do it.
    Let me know when you get a spouse. 🙂

  14. mvdragon91 says:

    haha thanks brother. I am in a much better place now.. I was being reactive
    to my enlivenment which was just bringing me down as well as just affecting
    me in my love life. I still don’t have anyone but its 10x easier to
    approach anybody just because i am more happy and more confident in

  15. mvdragon91 says:

    I get annoyed and frustrated on my love life. It’s nonexistent. I’ve been
    working on it I’ve been doing day/night game and using your advice from
    Kurt Spelling. idk I’ve been losing motivation and getting depressed. what
    do I do?

  16. MissVelvetElle says:

    Seeing/hearing sexism hurts. When I hear music that is degrading to women,
    when I see so much sexism in tv/movies/Internet/YouTube comments, it really
    bothers me. So many women and children are beaten/raped/killed because of
    pervasive sexism around the world.

  17. Jayarea5 says:

    You remind me of country singer billy currington!

  18. alfred erica says:

    is ego the same with the subconscious mind ? 

  19. Cindy Hents says:

    hahaha your hair has grown too fast

  20. balu raju says:

    That was the most simplified explanation 😀

    if im listening to you…guess i made the first step…. :p

  21. Alex Keane says:

    i love these videos

  22. k MorsePhD says:

    What is Ego?

  23. cantarooots says:

    Great stuff.

  24. Jet Li says:

    Noah thank you.

  25. woot wooty says:

    actually,when you experience an ego death , you function better than’s the ultimate level of empathy that you drop away the illusion
    of self, the false idea that you are independent from the rest of the world
    and must assert your own existence on it.when your ego dies , you lose the
    boundries between self and the environment.then you realize that you are
    not you but you are everything that you interact with..I hope this makes

  26. OmniscientNihilist says:

    the only thing that exists is your own awareness-consciousness. and your
    body doesnt exist when youre not looking at it. the body doesnt think the
    mind, god thinks the mind. the body doesnt feel, god feels.
    awareness-consciousness and god are identical.

  27. Go Bot says:

    the paradox of existence… wait, a minute… are you real?

  28. Hail Mary says:

    “shut up ego” LOL

  29. Hail Mary says:

    Is it possible to have an absolute ego death and still function normally?
    Or is there not even such a thing as a permanate ego death?

  30. sskade46 says:

    plural for advice is advice

  31. OmniscientNihilist says:

    the only thing that exists is energy. which must be eternal. its vibration
    creates the illusion of motion. its expression creates the illusion of
    objects. one energy, looking at itself.

  32. Go Bot says:

    Okay I do see what you’re saying there… live by feel, not by thought.
    You’re still a little extreme for me though I think, the ego is a sickness,
    it could fall upon anybody, even the most true and pure people… We need
    to help cure our brothers who are infected with this disease, not hate on
    them… otherwise we’ll all just end up turned on each other and we’ll
    never unite and rise with new consciousness, a greater more powerful way of
    being. So long as intimidation is a tactic, we rot & die.

  33. Go Bot says:

    Then again I think I’ve made some assumptions about your argument based on
    what you said here, and maybe I accidentally amplified your point, and in
    reality we agree completely…

  34. OmniscientNihilist says:

    only God exists. the only way the self can exist is if it pretends to. this
    make-beleive creates ego. otherwise known as satan. gods worst enemy.

  35. HeIIas13 says:

    Every day is a new day. 1 week should have 1 day called newday. Im serious.
    No really. Newday!

  36. Go Bot says:


  37. OmniscientNihilist says:

    If you could be either God’s worst enemy or nothing, which would you

  38. Go Bot says:

    You are so fucking black metal

  39. Neto Porto says:

    This is really helpful! Thank you, my man.

  40. Sam Barrow says:

    The world is not flat!? Bummer man, there goes my grasp of reality.

  41. OmniscientNihilist says:

    embrace ego death

  42. Douglas Fir says:

    Jim morrison with short hair.


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