Self-Improvement Tips: How to Smile

 Self- Improvement Tips: How to Smile

A smile relaxes the facial muscles and social situations by expressing feelings in a positive way. . Learn with tips from a professional psychologist in t smile … Video Rating: 3/5

music-free version” It is . earlier than the Faith, formerly known as religion, earlier than first thought ~ come to th … Video Rating: 4/5


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43 Responses to “Self-Improvement Tips: How to Smile”

  1. SerialComplainer says:

    It’s not some paste on smile like you see on television, or worse still at
    the end of a Dr. Paul video.

  2. Alex J. says:

    Lol your comment made me giggle.

  3. blankscreen100 says:

    i aint no clown, the fuck im gonna smile for?

  4. AL3AJEB says:

    I cant believe this is there people really dont know how to smile? man what
    else here in youtube?

  5. elijah norwood says:

    everyone say cookies

  6. About9000ninjas says:

    I wanna learn how to smile like that mexican guy that just stares at the

  7. question mark says:

    swag daddy cool.

  8. uchihasharigan56 says:

    @MohoFlaggins me to

  9. TadRaunch says:

    My smile is ugly. I’m not lying. I’m like Moe from The Simpsons.

  10. proudtobefilipino92 says:

    This should be called “Why you smile” and “When to smile”.

  11. Leroy Sakazuki says:

    i’m dead (soulless) from the inside and i can’t smile nor laugh

  12. Champions4today says:

    @About9000ninjas Idk whatever..

  13. Nemanja Kralj says:

    So, how to smile?!

  14. Encl0537 says:

    If people don’t smile, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re depressed, it
    could also mean they’re shy guy!

  15. thebasedrummer says:

    why the candles?

  16. ZanyCany says:

    @Pastafarealist that’s your PERSONAL opinion but not ALL religions does

  17. Sebastian CG says:

    Is this a video on how to smile or on the importance of smiling?

  18. elijah norwood says:

    wtf why did i even look this up

  19. IntoTheLight7777 . says:

    I agree. I’ve been depressed for quite some time now and right now I’m
    taking antidepressants and I’m looking at inspirational things like this
    and I’m trying to think more positive and appreciate what I have. And I’m
    also thinking about what Jessica Ghawi, a victim of the colorado shooting,
    said “every second of everyday is a blessing.”

  20. Fulano do Tao says:

    what the fuck is a good shit lollip

  21. neverknowmynameever says:

    Not one about asking your friends twin sister out……. =(

  22. Paul Antony Jose says:

    Thanks for repeating what my grand mother said Dr. Paul ..Boy you are

  23. Oliver Smith says:

    U smile, I smile :3 lol

  24. Brandon Schall says:

    @Ashienoelle Lmao, but at least other people will smile because of you. [:
    And i’m being legit. Not trying to joke you or anything. haha.

  25. tommygerrett says:

    @TryIslam What has smiling got to do with religion….this is about smiling
    not magical imaginary shit.

  26. AwakenSatsangPoems says:

    keep the attention where?

  27. ir0nmaiden1 says:

    if you find the music distracting, then you are listening with your mind.

  28. deskcorner says:

    it is very simple isn’t it ? and the simplicity are often the best ,
    but……… ( gota throw in the but … ) its easier said than done.. , ah
    .. well.. keep trying..

  29. daschus says:

    please i love this message but save the cheesy elevator-music next time its
    very distracting

  30. Sami Dolls says:

    wow…. beautiful!

  31. cmpatt1 says:

    The music makes this video utterly useless. The music is so against the
    grain and in that, so distracting. Will search for another version without
    the music. Can’t complete this one.

  32. jazzweather says:

    Please remove the background music if possible. Kind of goes against the
    idea. When the truth is being spoken, let only the truth be spoken without
    any fluff.

  33. Jahnny Fukas says:

    keep ur attention in silence the rest wil happen spontaneously,u know u r
    thats it

  34. Andrew Bennett says:

    Aaaah… thank you Mooji. Namaste.

  35. busgirly says:

    When I tune in to Mooji, I do not hear the music what I hear is him
    speaking, I watch him and see the love and compassion he easily
    demonstrates as easy as breathing. Mooji speaks to me through my heart, no
    other noise is acknowledged. Thank you for sharing so much of Mooji’s
    wisdom rich satsangs. Namaste

  36. HeartsLight01 says:

    I too only hear the words of Mooji as I have learned how to tune all else
    out when I focusing from my heart.

  37. AwakeningBridge says:

    @cmpatt1 Check the SatsangWithMooji channel soon for the music-free
    version. I am attempting to locate this footage now, and will post a
    music-free version as soon as possible. :)))

  38. 1svetik says:

    Great! Great! Great! Love it! Love it! Love it! 🙂 🙂 :-)Ahh, Effortless
    Harmony….it’s ENOUGH:-)Sweeeet…..


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