Six Secrets to Success – Official

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inspirational speech about his 6 secrets to success, made by me 🙂 Share inspirational quotes, those empowe…
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Full motivational speech from Eric Thomas. Famous clip from this speech used in multiple videos.


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58 Responses to “Six Secrets to Success – Official”

  1. boscoblack says:

    Do we really want to trust on success the guy who couldn’t even get his kid
    a Turbo Man doll?

  2. R0bertValentinefilms says:

    ROBERT VALENTINE FILMS Love this! I am told all the time ‘you can’t do this
    and you can’t do that’ 

  3. richard acuff says:


  4. Tom Evans says:

    Six Secrets to Success
    1 steroids
    2. steroids
    3. steroids
    4. steroids
    5. steroids
    6. Don’t mention in any publication that you use steroids.

  5. United Tax Returns says:

    Six Secrets To Success – Arnold Schwarzenegger’s inspirational speech about
    his 6 secrets to success

  6. Marquise Ramirez says:

    that was realy deap

  7. ramesh tamang says:

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    Belly Busting Box and began applying their strategy. Up to now I’ve shed
    12kg and intend on getting rid of more. Appears to be the only real weight
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    research it!

  8. John Harmer says:

    Arnie’s not talking about weight loss at all. He’s talking about how we
    should approach life itself.

  9. susan fordy says:

    Very Motivational, Thank you!

    I use this video and “justgoals” app in my smartphone to achieve my goals
    and it has helped a lot

  10. Haysu Banfield says:

    i got one rule, NEVER GIVE UP!

  11. Farhana Akther says:

    Do you really believe I could get in shape with this approach? Belly
    Busting Box just helped me drop four stones. Search for it and take a look.
    It’s the one and only thing that’s working for me.

  12. John Smith says:

    Thanks for the video. Really, thank you!!!

  13. vaness NEIOR says:


  14. Blythe Galiano says:

    you are worth it, build your body. get the line below on the browser-window

  15. faobibx adfsa says:

    ripped equals to young virile male who has yet to establish a pack of his
    own. and women like it, check this out

  16. STEVENRBGermany says:

    Eyery human is a God. The Germans were the Sons of Spartans Gods. Modern
    Mainstreammedia tells you, you are no God, a society.

  17. STEVENRBGermany says:

    Yes, but anti-german government tells young Germans,”muscles are no good”.

  18. weskertvirus says:

    this man is a legend,is my idol

  19. RhinoStompin says:

    Arnold is simply referring to success (a manmade thought process similar to
    our instincts of domination)… Ideas of success or failure do not exist in
    the realm that I believe God resides. Ironically that realm IS Earth just
    as God’s realm is everything including all the other unfathomable aspects
    of the universe. I believe that in God’s eyes “everything” is success.

  20. remind mphosa says:


  21. STEVENRBGermany says:

    That why british won againt Germany, twice. For example just bomb 600.000
    civiliand, women and children.

  22. STEVENRBGermany says:

    Break the law, is the true fun. Not playing this liar game of “system”.

  23. Mauro Villalon says:

    cut the link below and paste that intoyour is never too late to
    become what you might have been WorkoutMotivation.Info

  24. Mitchell Meyer says:

    cut the line below and paste it on your only have 1 life, One
    body and 1 chance. WorkOutMotivation.Info

  25. theangryteddybear1 says:

    Fuck you -_-

  26. Ronna Erica Onting says:

    don’t sleep

  27. BethanyGraceMusic says:

    what a man, motivates me everyone I watch this

  28. ym dan says:

    David. You’re a true friend 🙂

  29. ym dan says:

    זה ממש נפלא! יהודים יקרים, אם אין קמח אין תורה!! God bless the state of

  30. Toby Hill-Summers says:

    I watch this video every day. It’s inspired me to push absolutely every day
    in the next year and I’m going to do it. It’s grabbed me and completely
    reinvigorated my approach. I’m going forward with the the big ET ringing in
    my ears

  31. Tereza Lagazo says:

    are you eager to be successful as eager as you want to breath?

  32. carrege boti says:

    You always motivate me

  33. Huzaifah Nadat says:


  34. Nemesis Doni says:

    he sounds like samuel jackson at some parts XD

  35. alvin jabboury says:

    i watch this at least 5 times a week, sometimes its my morning wake up

  36. EBE246 says:

    This is good, however I believe that this system we currently have of
    ruining our health for money or success is being slowly destroyed and
    that’s good. Because yes hardwork is necessary however we also have the
    abilities to change this worlds view of success, into one where everyone
    helps each other be successful.

  37. Sk Ks says:

    Wow. I didn’t know they had cell phones back then.

  38. Jim Paulson says:

    I know it is tough to watch a 15 minute video – but this is pretty good
    about not giving up and actually digging deep to succeed.

  39. Kyle Iversen says:

    ET! My main man great way to start your days!

  40. Joe Hall says:

    Love it!

  41. Business Connections Demo says:


  42. Farakh Akhtar says:

    Everybody should watch this.

  43. rydogxyz says:

    yeah you spend your time saying offensive things on other youtube
    video’s…lmfao at you you must be an idiot or realy loney or just
    pathetic. yeah bro you seem real succesful by your veiw and comment
    history. Are you a succesful athelete? lmfao are you a buisness man or
    woman? lol gtfo jackass

  44. Sam R says:

    I hope ET is getting his share of this.

  45. TheTechguy5150 says:

    feel the same way.

  46. pizza7939 says:

    You reached the right number but you called at the wrong time call back at
    Jan 1st

  47. Khadir1992 says:

    where can i download this?

  48. Darxsys says:

    Would the real me PLEASE STAND UP!!!!

  49. Eddie Brash says:

    I thought i wanted it but obviously not as i quit this video half way
    through.But believe me,your tome and day will come.

  50. shazzaxm8 says:

    Best video I have ever seen.


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