SMART goals

Two middle school students talk about creating SMART goals. Resources Video Rating: 2/5


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23 Responses to “SMART goals”

  1. Bracken Boys AK says:

    I watch it’s a t school

  2. IMustacheYouAQuestion says:

    My teacher made me watch this. lol

  3. satya narayana says:

    cool video! i am using “mGoals” iPhone app to set/achieve montly goals

  4. MaloryMerr says:

    I want that girl to text me. She never will.

  5. FXBilliards says:

    Check out Goal Setting in Pool

  6. STAR LANCER says:

    it’s all muffled

  7. chantelle bynes says:


  8. dylanwaterstrider says:


  9. dogman1234567890123 says:


  10. Marthike9122 says:

    Mr. Thomas?

  11. braveneutrino says:

    I’m going to use this with my 7th graders at the beginning of the year when
    introducing SMART goal setting. I think it will help explain it and get
    their attention!

  12. OldBattlehorse says:

    Their resemblance to the way teenagers sound and act is uncanny.

  13. Jason E. Johnson says:

    They have some “freaky” long arms…

  14. Marthike9122 says:

    Mr. Thomas’ class? lol.

  15. stenchguys says:


  16. ShaddyFromHatena says:



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