“The Fastest Way To Build Self-Confidence”

http://fastconfidence.com In her video “The Fastest Way to Build Self-Confidence”, Dr.Sharon Melnick shares the secrets of her research at Harvard Medical Sc…
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34 Responses to ““The Fastest Way To Build Self-Confidence””

  1. Ahmed Medhat says:

    +Gless2012 Do you really need people to tell you whether you’re terrible or
    not !?!!

  2. 100001091057100001 says:

    slave work all for bankerS

  3. sixthgalaxy says:

    Confidence building is a broad term, instead saying confidence use the term
    confidence in something such as confidence in public speaking.

  4. Valentina Mia says:

    This is so true, I learned this valuable advice of cultivating real
    confidence. This kind of confidence I wish more people will discover.

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  6. Imran Malak says:


  7. Don Lash says:

    enjoyed this video very much on confidence building!

  8. Lucius71995 says:

    direct way requires not giving a damn what other people think of you.

  9. Nicole Lamb says:

    What if i go direct and everyone in the world hates me?

  10. cubanita365 says:

    It’s not about what others tell you, it’s about what you do. Of course
    someone can tell you to do something a million times, but if you’re not
    willing or feel unable to do anything about it then them telling you is a
    complete waste of time. But if you’re willing to actually do something
    about it then you CAN become confident. It’s a lot easier said than done,
    and it WON’T happen over night. It will be very difficult, but it CAN

  11. Md. Morshed Alam Badhan says:

    Hey, have you considered this program called the Max Muscle Method? (look
    it up on google). My father in law says it gets people ripped.

  12. Jay Poojara says:

    Thanks u…really this video has changed my mind and my life…really
    thanks from bottom of my heart…thank now i will surly change….

  13. blankscreen100 says:

    i’m never gonna get it. not love, but confidence

  14. Prashanth Budihal says:

    Thanks a lot ma’am. Your advice was good.

  15. chris0bannon says:

    look up david deangelo

  16. Betty Wong says:

    I think there are many people like us that don’t really socialize well. I
    never can get a good conversation going, even with my friends. Why can’t we
    feel more confident with ourselves and not worry about what others think of
    us. I’m tired of feeling like I have low-esteem, no confidence in myself
    and insecure…YES, I already know what u r thinking…L O S E R…see?
    Even I am aware of my own behavior…LOL

  17. rainxxxx says:

    not that i needed to come here, i was on a bit of a random video spree but
    i started to watch this and got really bored

  18. SuperMrmexicandude says:

    Very good point. I do depend on other peoples approval to stay
    confidence… I SAY NO MORE TO ALL MY HATERS

  19. poophorsie says:

    well I dont want to become an arrogant dick now do i

  20. Aj says:

    This video made me lose confidence wtf

  21. rainxxxx says:

    she’s basically saying that you should not get clarification off other
    people to do things when you are capable of doing them yourself

  22. Jeffro Eludeme says:

    haha thanks

  23. Nyima Dhamdul says:

    I like it very much and felt that the indirect way of cultivating
    confidence is the way how we people suffer a lot through the life. This
    video is eye openers for many people not to be suffered by praise,
    blames,etc. yet can have all qualities that we like to have.

  24. Jose Mercado says:

    np. =)

  25. scottanthonymarsh says:

    Whenever you go out, just remember, no-one you meet is likely to see you
    again, and if they do it’ll be because they like who you are, so speak up,
    say what you think, some people will disagree, sure. But everything has a
    flipside. Best of luck to you.

  26. Sarah Johnson says:

    Brand New Video: 5 Tips to Building Self Esteem || with Sarah Johnson

  27. Karen Monasingh says:

    Having low self-esteem is like a death sentence.. Thanks for sharing your
    tips on how to build self esteem..

  28. Sarah Johnson says:

    You are absolutely correct, Karen…lack of self esteem contributes to a
    slow death. Thanks for stopping by to check out this video.


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  6. __p says:

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