The secret of FC Barcelona success – Please note with your mouth closed

In this video you can see how FC Barcelona players train before the Champions League final at Wembley . Note how relaxed Messi is even if under huge pressure ….


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31 Responses to “The secret of FC Barcelona success – Please note with your mouth closed”

  1. elie bayeh says:

    “Still” the best team in the world <3

  2. Carlos Vendetto says:

    Searching for barcelona “diving session” and found this .. hmmmmm

  3. leo raffaello says:

    I was able to watch this with my mouth shut.

  4. Fahmi Ahmed says:

    THE SECRET for their success is the system in their academy in how they
    develop and nurture the kids from young age playing the same style as the
    firs team. tiki-taka had been in their blood since they joined la mesia as
    young kids and they develop and be masters at it by the time they reach the
    first team

  5. Heisenberg says:

    Every team do this. 

  6. Mark3rz101 says:

    Had to skip to 2:12 for the true secret ;)

  7. reaper ac130 says:

    Like any other pro team ? Yeah madrid tiki taka all I see in madrid 10
    defenders waiting for a counter attack so boring

  8. rejeebush says:

    This game is called square or english know it as keep away, every
    professional club, or youth team do this. 

  9. Mr T says:

    Fahmi Ahmed is right, these players are brought up doing this type of
    passing and skill, they are scouted at 10/11 years old maybe even earlier
    and the teams are patient with them and help them develop, that’s why the
    ‘foreign quick fix ‘ is great for managers in the prem as its so much
    easier,but its lazy, The foreign players are blocking the opportunities for
    the young English Players, Spanish and German teams usually have 8/9
    players from their own country playing and they are the two best teams in
    the world, its not a coincidence !!

  10. Back Veil Brides says:

    Arsenal liverpool do it aswell

  11. Back Veil Brides says:

    I Burped during video

  12. Md.shohag H says:

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  13. David Quimby says:

    the secret of real madrid success: diving, cheating, buying the ref…

  14. Omer Abd-alkareem says:


  15. Corey Ko says:

    thats all spanish football is doe

  16. Sega34 says:

    -.- like any other pro team

  17. Sega34 says:

    “i applaud” NOMEJODAS!!

  18. TheOnlineTrader says:

    that’s right. all teams train like this. this aint nothing special. there
    is no secret to barcelona’s succes. barcelona do not buy all the best
    players like chelsea but they recruit all the best young talents from spain
    and south america and then train them. average and small clubs cannot
    attract the best youth players. a bright young prospect is always going to
    choose barcelona, real madrid, bayern, man united etc.

  19. FloydMr0709 says:

    This is how hell looks like, just trying to get out of the middle…

  20. Lieborg Fails-PvP says:

    Tiki-taka has raped Bayern before… Bayern played very well and i applaud

  21. Anthony Robinson says:

    befor elike year sago can they do it now nope surely not

  22. Anthony Robinson says:

    Pass,pass,pass,pass,pass to messi runs score thats the secret

  23. cicero q says:

    thank johan cruijf for it. . .the dutch made this happen

  24. Anthony Robinson says:

    offcourse they basically came up with the tiki taka passing

  25. Anthony Robinson says:

    well in the future it doesnt 3 straight loses haha theres nothing to


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