the seven laws, success secrets from the Bible

The seven Noachide laws presented in a most pleasant manner.With breathtaking views of the Holy Land.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Success secrets are always worth hearing out. You just never know what tip you might pick up that will make all the dif…
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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43 Responses to “the seven laws, success secrets from the Bible”

  1. chodeshadar18 says:

    No disagreement there.

  2. metalic699 says:

    What makes man in the image of God is not just his mind but also his soul.
    The Soul!!

  3. mohamedkhansheik says:

    IDOLs are one way and if we truly are enlightened and respect GOD’s work,
    we will understand that because of our differences, we worship differently
    and should not criticise others for they way of life. If GOD only came to
    Mount Sinai then that revelation was for the people of that part of the
    world. SO then was GOD selective that he only showed himself to the people
    of that land.

  4. Adama Tova says:

    Who in their right mind worships a Jewish man and calls them a god? You
    truly must be out of your mind.

  5. Gusnvv says:

    we could all be wrong. we are one Race …Human

  6. mohamedkhansheik says:

    GOD created us in his image, did he create the jews, muslims, hindus etc in
    his image – wow this GOD is great

  7. RuGolani says:

    ReturnOfLion Looking at my Dad, When you become 92 years old, sex would be
    the last thing on your mind! LOL

  8. puresrtrash says:

    I think the illicit sex part meant not to do it before marriage, illicit,
    according to Dictionary dot com, is: 1. not legally permitted or
    authorized; unlicensed; unlawful. 2. disapproved of or not permitted for
    moral or ethical reasons. Typicaly, marriage becomes a license for sex in
    most religous values, from what I know. I’m not 100% sure if that’s what
    the universal law meant, so I’m just giving my opinion on what it might
    mean. Don’t want to sound blasphemous. :p

  9. Adama Tova says:

    There is no contradiction. There is One God – with 2 paths – one for Jews
    and one for the Gentiles. The Jews must follow a longer, more laborious
    route because this is their job. The Gentiles walk an easier path with less
    rudiments involved. This is the way that G-d deemed it to be. The Jews are
    the Priests with 613 laws to fulfil, the Nations are blessed through the
    Jews’ actions yet must participate through 7 laws. That is how it’s been
    set down by G-d.

  10. bananito2 says:

    exactly im happy of people like you (paulgem123 ) thinking Zionist are
    desperate these days. Global opinion towards Zionism are very negative,
    they have tried bunch of things like: Promotion of Christian Zionism among
    Christians and promotion of conversion for goyim. Of course a goy will not
    ever gain access to Talmud or all the jew teachings. Cause as you may know
    goys are beasts, according to Talmud. Jews the eternal hypocrites.

  11. Nelson Alvarez says:

    Paul’s inventions

  12. thegillotine09 says:

    Don’t penguins walk with their heads above their hearts?

  13. geerboks says:

    sorry, what god are you talking about? I worship Yahuah and keep his
    commands, which don’t include the 7 noahide laws, i can’t find them in the
    writtenTorah. Shalom

  14. Dado Simic says:

    Hey YouTubers, have you heard about Zerlux Cash Code? (Go Google it) You
    will discover the serious crimes we commit against our wallets. With Zerlux
    Cash Code, you will discover how to make much more money fast.

  15. paulgem123 says:

    Absolutely false doctrine. The Torah teaches ONE Torah for all People. This
    is the most predudice doctrine I have ever witnessed. It is sold to
    Gentiles as truth but is Talmudic in nature and not correct. The Whole
    Torah 613 commandments are for ALL MEN.

  16. Anderson Jonathan Long says:

    GOD is in the Heavens . We do not know GOD , but he send Jesus Christ to
    save us from Satan’s domain on Earth . We have spritual divinity powers , &
    we should used in the Righteous Ways , so it benefits us as well as for
    other people . We must think , Behave , & Act in LOVE aways . Therefore
    then be victorious .

  17. TheStarlitetraining says:

    This is wicked teaching .. Only through Jesus can anyone be saved — NOT
    YOUR WORKS! Don’t be decieved by these Jews that killed our Lord Jesus!
    They are the wickedest race on this earth.

  18. mohamedkhansheik says:

    I am a stupid idiot and seek GOD. Throughout my life, I have learnt one
    thing that every religious book was written by man on the basis that the
    contents are the word of GOD. I have also learnt that there are many ways
    to worship GOD, as there is only one GOD, a universal GOD, as we are
    different races, culture and parts of the world, we all have a different
    aspects of life, social and religious paths of life. Worshiping and praying
    to GOD is via various channels and methods,

  19. chodeshadar18 says:

    Yes, and so do bears and apes…occasionally. However, their main mode of
    motion is swimming, which is horizontal. On land they are rather clumsy. In
    any case, what I said before holds. Man is able to override his impulses by
    the power of his mind. the stronger or more developed his mind, the more
    self control he has. Being created in the G*d’s Image also means being able
    to think abstractly, eg; a dog can only mark a territory. A man can own
    property legally anywhere even if he’s not present.

  20. PathOfAvraham says:

    BS”D Not according to the TaNaKh: Tehilim (psalms) 145:18 “קָרוֹב יְהוָה,
    לְכָל-קֹרְאָיו– לְכֹל אֲשֶׁר יִקְרָאֻהוּ בֶאֱמֶת” “The TRANSCENDENT ONE is
    close to all who call upon him in truth,”

  21. Rowan Gordon says:

    ye must be born again

  22. Jacob Rael says:

    I tried for 8 years to understand the (Roman Catholic) Trinity. It felt so
    wrong I thought it would drive me nuts. I cannot do it. God is One like the
    Bible says. In Mark 12 Jesus gives the Sheman “God is One” as the
    foundation of his faith.

  23. noblumoon says:

    @mohamedkhansheik hello, Idol worshipping is also bad, and idol worshipping
    can be love of money, love of celebrities etc….Love God, Love your fellow
    man, and choose a religion or not…religion is not the important thing,,,
    but if you do choose a religion, choose the one that brings you personally
    closer to God….

  24. paulgem123 says:

    The same thing as a Christians would say just in a different way. They say
    if you don’t accept Jesus you are going to hell. You call him a mangod
    using their theology and are blind to truth. You call it idolotry because
    of a trinity doctrine which is false as you practice the same in Oral Torah
    which contradicts Deut 4:2. Both are guilty and both follow doctrines of
    men. Both have no idea of their errors.

  25. Adama Tova says:

    To teach Torah, one must FOLLOW Torah. To worship a mangod is idolatry. And
    in this false belief system that you hold to, you are not only misled, but
    you are also misleading others. That is clearly a break in the Laws of Noah
    and for this, like all other Laws – spiritual or physical there is
    retribution. What part of Thou Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me – do you
    NOT understand? Perhaps someone here can explain how far you’ve actually
    fallen – word for word – verse by verse.

  26. Colette Morris says:

    Great Author, I am current reading I for Influence 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  27. Vanessa Van Horn says:

    David, sounds like a book everyone should read. Thanks for the share!

  28. David Arriaga says:

    Excellent Success Tips David

  29. Maureen Charlton says:

    Another great subject to share with us. Thanks again David 🙂

  30. isitebuild says:

    Never heard of Rob Yeung but looks like he’s been very successful and you
    can learn how to be successful in your business.

  31. Bruno Buergi says:

    Never heard of this author. I have to check it out. Thank you for your tip


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