Top 20 Sales Success Secrets – No. 18 INSIDE Secret Revealed! – Sales tips and sales strategies – Download All Top 20 Secrets Now thefreedomchaser – Connect with Me and My Page How do I tell the sales tips a … Video Rating: 5/5

ET talks about his soon-to-be-released book” Secrets to Success “on 96.5Fm, Lansing Home for Hip-Hop & R & B. General info: SOCIAL …


31 Responses to “Top 20 Sales Success Secrets – No. 18 INSIDE Secret Revealed! – Sales tips and sales strategies”

  1. Mark Johnson says:

    haha … i’m living in NEW ZEALAND from SOUTH AFRICA … E hit us up in New
    Zealand MATE .. wink wink … think about it !

  2. bama0002 says:

    Respect … Thank you very much boss.. Wish you all the best .. Defiantly
    this book will help lots of people. Really appreciate it and wish you all
    the best.

  3. Oxy Monko says:

    First ! , Good work E.T

  4. MindReeda says:

    Thank you brotha!

  5. eightonefour1 says:

    NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. mikomiish says:

    Keep on doing what your doing bro, so many lives are being impacted in a
    positve way.God bless

  7. Nilay Bhatt says:

    Congratulations! ET! A True Celebrity!!

  8. theblessing1000 says:

    He is very much correct about putting yourself into a cave to accomplish a
    book. I read where Heny David Thoreau who moved to a cabin in the middle of
    the forest to complete his book.

  9. Nilay Bhatt says:

    Hello ET! Thanks for the talk. I am Nilay from Toronto. We just spoke.
    Please let me know if you need any help with promotion of the book or
    anything. I still cant believe I Spoke with you. This is amazing!! I will
    soon start rotations in US beginning next year in Michigan most probably or
    Chicago. But, starting next year, I would like to get involved with your
    team. Eric, I dont not know if god exist but I sensed his energy of
    inspiration and motivation in you. YOU ARE AS REAL AS IT GETS!

  10. JCreate4 says:

    Proud Of You Bro! I Wanna Have You Speak For #The4 One Day. Pay This
    Comment No Mind For Right Now.

  11. Hozay says:

    Nba 2k13 musi

  12. EngeniusBeatz says:

    im preordering the boooooook! leeeeego!

  13. EngeniusBeatz says:

    @RyanFischer1 wat u mean? wat u sayin?

  14. Dominique Wilford says:

    Just remember prettyniceb who put you own lol

  15. Joat3000 says:

    E.T. I had to Pre-Order the book for all you have done to inspire me and I
    will definitely buy a few copies as X-mas stocking stuffers. You are a true
    gem! It will be an honor to shake your hand and meet you when you have a
    book signing in NY, continue to stay passionate about your passion my
    friend. ~JOAT

  16. mikiera buchanan says:

    love it man

  17. iFr4ntiK says:

    i love to sleep lol

  18. Alex Ryder-Carter says:

    im from new zealand 🙂 thanks for acknowledging us. we love you.

  19. brothalamont says:

    I would love to see his crew that helps him! ET show your crew!! ..You
    doing it man!!…hope he reads this!! like this ppl!

  20. Nilay Bhatt says:

    Hey ET, Can I still meet you every wednesday morning? Are you available
    there still early morning?

  21. LionArmor9 says:

    This man is full of endless energy… Motivation is his middle name. Love
    the dude.

  22. Demoniiiic says:

    @inspiringsoul28 Yikes. I just graduted from HS. Just saying 19 YO. 1 year
    late not bad I guess.

  23. atoy1224 says:

    that reality show sounds so refreshing….much successful!!

  24. Mroneofakind1 says:

    nice interveiw ET, im glad you found out about You Tube.

  25. PrettyniceB says:

    Wakes up @ 2 am & i haven’t even went to sleep by then. Getting it!


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