What Is Your Goal? Goalsetting NonStop

Sexy models, fluffy puppies, six-pack abs and surfer bods! But seriously— what is your focus? I, KymNonStop, the Queen of ADD, have something to confess: I…


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29 Responses to “What Is Your Goal? Goalsetting NonStop”

  1. BeautyLovers1213 says:

    I use to be a gymnast. I was pretty muscular. I stopped because I got
    injured by breaking both bones in my fore-arm. I have a HUGE sweet tooth.
    So the last 4-5 years I gained like 30lbs. I use to eat something sweet
    like 3 times a week, i cut that down to 1 time in a month or so. I want to
    be all muscular and flexible again.

  2. jasminexxoxx says:

    My goal is to lose a few kilos, but to mostly burn off the fat that I have
    built up over the last few months. I plan on doing it by cutting out my
    main treat which is chocolate and also peanut butter and by going for a
    walk/jog every day :)

  3. Beatrice Hehn says:

    My goal is loose a little weight (3-5 kg).. but main reason why I work out
    is stay toned and fight the cellulite … !!

  4. ybbok says:

    My short term goals are easy. Make more money, lose a little weight and get
    fitter. My long term goal is to be a better human being (kinder more,
    generous with my time, more thoughtful, more dynamic) now that will take
    some work

  5. Maria Ochoa says:

    My goal is simply to be healthy and fit from head to toe and be happy with
    this lifestyle 😀

  6. KymNonStop says:

    I love all the goals! Keep them coming!! And remember- instead of simply
    stating your goal, tell us HOW you plan to reach it. For example, if your
    goal is to have a flat stomach, you could write: 1. Quit diet sodas 2. Run
    5miles 2x’s per wk. plan the path to your own success!

  7. 365daysofbeautyful says:

    My goal is to be healthy and start eating better. you make me a better
    person.I want to up my Cardio by doing it 6 times a week. I’m going to
    start biking as soon as i get the money to get one . Keep it up girl love
    you videos!

  8. MeganLOLx says:

    To have a flat stomach, skinny thighs and toned bum by the end of october

  9. Amy Burns says:

    To loose weight for my birthday so I can walk in a shop and pick what ever
    I want without worrying!

  10. shenrysmith says:

    my goal is to run a 5K under 30 minutes.

  11. KymNonStop says:

    that is so hard. I tackle this by planning my meals and packing them for my
    work-week. Also– if I finish a smaller sized portion- and I am still
    hungry. I try to pause and drink a ton of water before going back for
    seconds. I’m allowed to have seconds if I’m still hungry after chugging the
    water and waiting a few minutes.

  12. Nora Salman says:

    mine is became healthy girl

  13. KymNonStop says:

    why not start now with 3 workouts/wk? 😉

  14. gatorred789 says:

    I am a Mary Kay beauty consultant and setting a goal is the first thing
    they teach you.

  15. ShamGlam says:

    i want abs!!!!! so bad

  16. DD Bieber says:

    I WANNA have six pack 🙂

  17. catalina oporto says:

    I want to lost a lot everywhere on my body and I want to look something
    like u

  18. danniebean says:

    I really want to tone up my thighs, bum and abs but I have a weak back. How
    do I strengthen my back so I can do proper workouts?

  19. Miss HA says:

    i wanna have a flat tummy and i wanna loose my last 8 pounds !!! i don’t
    know in how much time or like what is it gonna take!!? H.E.L.P

  20. KymNonStop says:

    break it down. So what are you going to do TODAY to lose 2 lbs by next week?

  21. oddpod101 says:

    my goal is to get up in the morning and work out first thing

  22. juiceBLOCK says:

    Exercise 3 days per week at least! Thank you kym 🙂

  23. ClickHere AndSave says:

    I want to start running in the mornings, I’m going to start with at least
    once a week. I also want to do an unassisted pull-up.

  24. lipstickchicks00 says:

    I want abs by the end of summer. And by winter I want to be able to run 10km

  25. Peppers Rock says:

    Loose leg weight


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