Will Smith shares his secrets of success “Your Words and thoughts Have Physical Power”

Will Smith Shares his Wisdom on Life – There is Greatness in all of us.
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Will Smith Shares His Secrets Of Success "Your Words And Thoughts Have Physical Power"

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


38 Responses to “Will Smith shares his secrets of success “Your Words and thoughts Have Physical Power””

  1. Shelly Sanchez Terrell says:

    Love this video of Will Smith’s success tips! “I love living. I think
    that’s infectious. It’s something you can’t fake.” #30goalsedu Thanks to +Nancy
    Blair for sharing this with me!

  2. Vito Santana says:

    a words to A Few, it is very important to work intelligently , efficiently
    and do you most excellent work, whether you work for someone or work for
    your self. For self employed people, Dedicate your life to your success,
    becareful of time wasted on over -sleeping or television

  3. Carlos Guzman says:

    Great Power comes “Within”!!!

  4. jbleeuk says:

    Always loved Will Smith,top man!!

  5. Team Discovery WakeUpNow says:

    Will Smith may be one of the most motivational characters ever to steal the
    spotlight. Learn how he built his success: Will Smith shares his secrets of
    success “Your Words and thoughts Have Physical Power”

  6. bumpindownthehighway says:

    Really Good!

  7. JAVON HUNT says:

    734-772-8264 ON YOUTUBE

  8. Mildred Williamson says:

    Love it

  9. Gaurav Patel says:

    We all need it and need to be implemented

  10. Yehuri Sanchez says:

    estemos en el camino correcto!

  11. Dubbeltjee says:

    My cat once saw this video, he thinks he is a lion now

  12. raineer delarita says:

    well said

  13. Alex Light says:

    I should listen to what he’s saying. I have no motivation to do my college
    work, and I’ve been failing in my classes since the first month of the
    semester. My doctor says it might be related to my ADD, but I don’t think
    so. The only thing that I have motivation for is my badminton team.

  14. Cybraxas says:

    Yeah I worked that out 😉 I was rather asking for the etymology and for
    what the 4.0 or 3.0 actually refers to 🙂

  15. Adam Breecher says:

    It basically means a perfect grade.

  16. Cybraxas says:

    What does he mean by 4.0, can someone please explain to a non-native
    speaker? Many thanks!

  17. Max Jasinowicz says:


  18. Cile Mile says:

    Yo yo… Superb clip clip. My uncle used to be obese. He converted his body
    from 293 lbs of fat into 219lbs of complete muscle. I came to be in awe. I
    just registered personally as I wanna strengthen. He made use of the Muscle
    Building Bible (Look in Google)…

  19. Anchr Yb says:

    It was 3 AM and after a long hard day of procrastination on the internet
    and getting nothing done, I saw the title of this video and decided I’ll
    watch one more before I head to bed. It inspired me to make a cup of coffee
    and stay up for the rest of the night getting things I needed to get done,
    done. Wow.

  20. barunica100 says:

    civil engineering – structural engineer it is hard, but it’s also so much
    more… i can walk around the city, and for every building i see, i know
    how to build it…and it’s a good feeling, makes you feel important.
    anyways it’s best to study smth that you have interest in. because when
    times get tough you know you won’t quit no matter what.

  21. ryan green says:

    Truly helped me get motivated. Have 2 more weeks until finals. No sleep for
    me, dont want any regrets. Thank you man.

  22. jay ef says:

    thank you brotha im all in no sleep for me

  23. Kira Tasp says:

    Hey! What did you get your masters degree in? I am same as you, im on the
    process of moving out soon, not sure where to go

  24. dayan101980 says:

    Damn right!! we gone try, we gone study, we gone practice, and we gone keep
    doin’ it ’till we all succeed.

  25. Carter Gile says:

    i will be the best damn engineer, student and son i can possible be, the
    ill push even harder to be even better! The mans right about not quitting.
    we just have to push ourselves beyond our limits to reach our dreams in
    life or let them stay dreams, its your choice

  26. Cheyenne M'Kae says:

    I love him ! I love this speech

  27. Charles Wiggs says:

    Video 2

  28. The MRS says:

    Whoooah! This is for the Soft Generation!!

  29. Jovan Kostovski says:

    Pain is temporary it may last for a minute an hour or maybe even a year but
    sooner or later it will subside and something else will take its place …

  30. E T says:

    Pain is Good..its necessary for success. Being spoiled will make pain last
    forever…you just won’t know it until your enabler is gone!

  31. TheAeroBarKid says:

    This comment made my pee pee rise what happened? I need help now plz

  32. Divazia says:

    I’m glad I watched this I was trying to finish my essay and had no
    motivation this is definitely an eye opener nothing comes easy in life!

  33. danielreborn says:

    Please can somebody tell me who is he talking about from 0:41 to 0:53? What
    is WRA party ? and 1825? Thank you so much guys! Keep motivated =)

  34. Mica She Rain says:

    i’ve watched this video so many times the words echo in my head constantly


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  3. Mr. Checkout says:

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