Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3

Try for a http://www.nightingale.com/landingpages/DollarOffer_Goals.aspx?promo=INTYT03&org=INTYT03 World-renowned motivator Zig Ziglar guides you through …
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28 Responses to “Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3”

  1. Sam Vekemans says:

    Always a classic.

  2. Sharron Ferrell says:

    Mr. Zig Ziglar is one of the best speakers I know of!

  3. Christy Simmons says:

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  4. Ske Management Group says:

    Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3

  5. Daniel Guevin says:

    Buisness&Lectures Playlist@dannyboys get creative!

  6. Timothy Bullard says:

    Goals make sure you have them

  7. Phil Linklater says:

    Timeless wisdom from Zig

  8. Alexander Welsh says:

    Zig Ziglar on goal setting: Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3

  9. O'Neil Godfrey says:

    *Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3*

    Our chances of achieving goals are enhanced if the goals are *specific,
    measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-referenced* — *SMART.* For
    example, *I want to lose 10 pounds in 30 days!* It meets the SMART

    *A goal is nothing more than a dream if there’s no realistic action plan!*

    The *action plan* for the above example could include aerobic exercise
    3-times per week; reduce daily caloric intake; start reading more to
    decrease stress. Each of those activities can be further refined to make
    them SMART.

  10. Coast to Coast Events, Inc says:

    Zig Ziglar Setting Goals 1 of 3

  11. 5idea says:

    Thank you

  12. InnovisionGlobal says:

    How perfect .. I too have never accidentally eatin anything either. smiles
    ~Expect Miracles Shane

  13. adkizzle says:

    5 stars

  14. fhtmohio says:


  15. cyberblackman says:

    Zig is great!!

  16. Steve Cvilikas says:

    See you @ the top!

  17. Branko Marjanovic says:

    This young man is my hero

  18. YHTPortals says:

    Zig is great.

  19. thewaytosuccess says:

    Wow! What a powerful comment you made there!

  20. Ajulaks says:

    uhmm… hes 83

  21. nvsvictor says:

    Very great guy. My father said he spoke slowly, but apparently not in this

  22. Paul Edgewater says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ziglar about 12 years ago at a luncheon.
    He related a very interesting fact. He had worked with prisoners for years
    and he said that 90% of prisoners either didn’t know who their fathers
    were, or hated their fathers. Makes you take pause, does it not? A very
    powerful message to men all over the world. Be there for your children and
    love them unconditionally.

  23. BeyondTheLeash says:

    Zig is great while stuck in traffic. I just found an old cassette from
    awhile back.

  24. Elliott Shultz says:

    In Zig’s own words: “…since I speak at about 280 words per minute-with
    gusts up to about 550-I can cover a lot of territory in a matter of
    seconds.” That was in 1972, but he does speak much slower today. Keep in
    mind he was born in 1926!

  25. moringajim says:

    I am a speaker/motivator too and I say in all honesty that Zig is great
    inspiration to all of us in the networking world. Kudos to you MASTER.
    …jim diaz


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